20+ Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2024 [Updated List]

If you have chosen WordPress, you are on the right track as a blogger. WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) and rules over 43% of the website on the entire internet

All this can happen due to its super user-friendliness and super-easy installation. You can customize your website without being a tech geek. Moreover, you don't need to know a single line of code. 

Another unbeatable thing about WordPress is it has a rich library of useful plugins and tools. Most of them are free, and paid ones are not very expensive.

This article is specially organized for bloggers searching for the best WordPress plugins for blogs!

So, try to read till the end. You won't regret it. 

Why Plugins are Important for a WordPress Blog Site

WordPress, by default, comes as a blank slate. That means if you install WordPress on your control panel, you will get nothing other than the WordPress dashboard. In terms of adding any single feature to your site, you'll require a plugin.

That is why plugins are essential for a WordPress blog site. They extend functionality beyond the core WordPress platform. They enhance performance, improve SEO, boost security, facilitate user engagement, and offer scalability.

Plugins enable bloggers to customize their sites easily, add new features, and adapt to evolving needs without extensive coding or development expertise. This is why you should go for best WordPress blog plugins.

20 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs at a Glance

WordPress offers various plugins to enhance and optimize your blog in various categories. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins for blogs, divided into different categories:

Security and Spam Protection
Wordfence Security
Really Simple SSL

Comment Management
Disable Comments
Comment Edit Lite

Social Sharing and Engagement
Revive Old Post
SEO and Analytics
Yoast SEO
Site Kit by Google

Website Management and Enhancement
Elementor Page Builder
Ultimate Blocks

Lead Generation and Email Marketing
Performance Optimization
WP Rocket
Smush Image Compression

User Frontend and Content Submission
WP User Frontend

Project Management and Collaboration
WP Project Manager
Kanban Boards

You will get many plugins in WordPress.org, but the question is-

  • Which are the best WordPress plugins for blogs?
  • Which will make it easy for your audience to check your content and navigate your site?

We have listed some blog plugins for WordPress based on our years of experience. Let's check the details.

1. Akismet Spam Protection- A Strong Shield for Your Blog Site

This is the screensot of Akismet plugin from WordPress.org

If you want spam protection, don't forget to download the Akismet plugin! For your spam protection, this is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs. It comes with helpful features such as: 

Automatic Checking and Filtering of Spam Comments

Akismet checks comments and contact form submissions by using the global database of spam to prevent the posting of any malicious content on your site. 

Allows You to Check the Spam History

You'll know which comments were spam, caught by Akismet, and cleared off from your site. Plus, get to know which were marked and approved comments. 

This image shows how Akismet plugin works

Reveals Misleading or Hidden URLs

Misleading or hidden URLs can hurt your site. Akismet will quickly uncover and get rid of them!

Get a Speedy Website Performance and Save Disk Space

Spam comments can take up a lot of space over time. This plugin will help speed up your site through its discard feature to block any spam; this way, you can save disk space! 

You can get a specific WordPress security plugin to keep your WordPress site more secure.

Bottom Line: So, why wait? If you want instant relief from spam, all you need to do is to download it and activate it fast!

2. Wordfence Security – Firewall, Malware Scan, and Login Security

This is a screenshot of the Wordfence- best WordPress plugins for blogs

Wordfence is a robust and reliable security plugin for WordPress that offers comprehensive protection against various security threats. By fighting against malware, brute force attacks, and other malicious activities, Wordfence provides peace of mind to website owners and administrators.

Powerful Firewall and Malware Scanner

The plugin's key features include a powerful firewall. This effectively blocks suspicious traffic and prevents unauthorized access to your website. Its malware scanner scans your website's files, themes, and plugins for potential threats. So you can take prompt action in case of suspicious findings.

Real-Time Monitoring and Instant Alerts

Wordfence also includes a live traffic view. It allows you to monitor real-time website activity and identify potential security risks. It also sends instant alerts and notifications if any suspicious activity is detected, enabling quick response and mitigation.

Learning Mode for Enhanced Accuracy

One of the standout features of Wordfence is its Learning Mode. So the plugin understands your website's legitimate traffic patterns. This feature reduces false positives in its firewall. It minimizes the chances of genuine users getting blocked.

Regular Updates and Security Patches

Another notable aspect of Wordfence is its regular updates and timely security patches. This ensures the plugin remains effective against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

Bottom line: With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive security options, Wordfence is an excellent choice for website owners looking to fortify their WordPress site's security. Its combination of advanced security measures and user-friendly features makes it an indispensable tool for safeguarding your website and maintaining a secure online presence.

3. Really Simple SSL – Secure Your Website with Ease

This is a screenshot of the really simple ssl plugin from WordPress.org

This plugin is your best bet to move your site to SSL! Really Simple SSL will detect your site settings automatically and configure it to run over HTTPS. The options are kept to a minimum to keep everything lightweight. 

Here are some of its benefits: 

Quick Set-Up

It's easy to set up! You need to get the SSL certificate, activate the plugin, and activate the SSL with one click. You are all set to use this one of the best blogger plugins! 

Extensive Scanning Function

This plugin offers a variety of features, such as a mixed content scan to show you what to do if there's no secure lock yet. The extensive scan will help you check the source for the mixed content. You can solve it with the fix button. 

HTTP Strict Transport Security For Better Safety

You can enable the HTTP Strict Transport Security and site configuration for the HSTS preload list. It will help you to protect your site and domain against any attack. 

Solves SSL Issues

It will solve any issues of the WordPress site with SSL, replacing the http:// URLs to https://, except the unrelated site's hyperlinks. 

Safety For The Cookies

After installing this plugin, your cookies will be safe using secure flags and HttpOnly. Also, due to encryption, they'll be secure! 

Hassle-free Implementation of The Security Headers

You can implement the security headers such as X-XSS-Protection, content security policy, certificate transparency, Expect-CT, and X-frame Options. 

Premium Support 

With WordPress, this plugin will offer you thousands of configuration options! Besides that, this plugin will assist you tremendously if you need expert support! 

Bottom Line: Well, for solving your security issues and moving to SSL, this plugin is best for blogs. 

4. Disable Comments – Remove Spam Comments & Keep Your Site Clean

A screenshot of the disable comments plugin page overview- best wordpress plugins for blogs

Are you bothered by unnecessary comments? Get this helpful plugin! It can assist you in turning off spam comments. Disable Comments comes with over 30 translation-ready languages. So, let's see the helpful features: 

Disable All Comments With Ease

It will allow you to disable comments on various posts and remove all the comment-related fields wherever possible on your site. 

Disable The Commenting Function From The Admin Menu 

You'll get the option to disable the commenting function completely. When selected, all ‘comments' links will get hidden from the admin menu and admin bar, along with the comment sections in the WP dashboard. 

Disable Hide Widgets And Redirect To The Parent Post

The comment widgets will get disabled. It will hide the discussion setting page and disable the comment RSS/ Atom feed, outgoing pingbacks, and the X-Pingback header from the site. 

New Delete Feature Advanced Configuration 

A new feature will allow you to delete comments by type. It also has an advanced configuration, which the administrator can modify through coding.

Bottom Line: The functionality of this plugin is not only disabling comments but also makes secure your WordPress site.

5. Simple Comment Editing- Empower Your Users with Comment Editing

comment eidt lite WordPress plugin for blog

Comment Edit Lite is a user-friendly plugin that enhances the user experience on your WordPress blog. With this plugin, you can allow your commenters to edit their comments after submission. This feature lets users correct typos, update information, or improve their comments.

User-Friendly Interface

The plugin seamlessly integrates into the default WordPress comment system, providing commenters with a smooth and familiar editing process. Its intuitive interface ensures that users of all skill levels can easily edit their comments without any hassle.

Flexible Editing Options

Comment Edit Lite offers flexibility in comment editing options. Administrators can specify the time frame during which comment editing is allowed. This feature strikes the right balance between user empowerment and maintaining comment integrity.

Improved Interaction and Engagement

Allowing commenters to edit their comments encourages more active participation and engagement on your blog.

Comment Moderation and Control

As an administrator, you can set a time limit for editing comments. This flexibility keeps the discussions relevant and respectful without compromising the integrity of the conversation.

Responsive and Lightweight

Comment Edit Lite is designed to be lightweight and responsive. Therefore, it does not slow your website or impact page load times.

Compatibility and Support

The plugin is developed following WordPress coding standards. So, it will work seamlessly with almost all the WordPress plugins. Moreover, regular updates keep the plugin in sync with the latest WordPress versions. And dedicated support is available to address any queries or technical issues.

Bottom Line: Comment Edit Lite allows commenters to edit and improve their contributions. This super lite plugin empowers your users and encourages active participation in discussions.

So, these are today's picks for the best WordPress blog plugins.

6. Add To Any – Share Buttons Plugin for WordPress

A screenshot of the Add To Any plugin- Share Buttons Plugin for WordPress

Getting more traffic for an article is easier when you use a social share button on your site. At the end of your article, it entices the readers to share it on their social channels.

  • Supports theme features such as HTML5, widgets, infinite scroll, post formats
  • AddToAny is free, with no signup, login, and no need for accounts to manage
  • It is optimized for all types of device
  • The social icons are super-lightweight 
  • Highly extensible for developers and designers

7. Revive Old Post- Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin

A screenshot of the Revive Old Post plugin- Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin

Sometimes we forget our well-written old articles. This is where content distribution matters. Remembering to share all the content and ensure it’s shared on every channel is harder. Revive Old Post WordPress plugin does this job precisely. 

  • Share old and new posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.
  • Integration with URL shortener and Google Analytics
  • Schedule the time and interval among sharing times
  • Share as many times as you want and select the preferred time.

8. Yoast SEO – A Search Engine Optimization Plugin for WordPress

This is a screenshot of Yoast SEO- best WordPress plugins for blogs

Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs to help your site rank high in search engine results. If you are a pro blogger, skip it. The beginner site owner must read this. Here some of its free version features are: 

Lots Of Traffic 

You'll get more traffic from Bing, Google, and various social media platforms and increase audience engagement


Run a check and optimize synonyms, key phrases, keywords, and any other words to help your page rank.

Let Google Know What The Page Is About

Add schema.org code to your page to help relevant search engines and sites to understand your website. 

Get a Preview Of Your Page

The snippet editor will show the page preview so you can improve your page to make it look appealing.

This is the screenshot of Yoast SEO article readability feature
Source: Yoast

Readability Test

Achieve better readability based on scientific methods. 

No More Duplicate Content

It sets automatic canonical URLs as well. 

Complete Control Over Breadcrumbs

Set a primary category for your post and control the taxonomy for each WordPress site page. 

Works on Every WordPress Editor

You can optimize your posts for the Gutenberg editor. It'll also help to improve the content for the classic editor. 

Redirect Manager 

Get the ‘REGEX redirects' to indicate all these URLs with specific words with this plugin.

Regularly Updated

It regularly updates to ensure proper site optimization for Google's latest algorithm. 

Bottom Line: There are more features in the pro version. But we must say the free one is quite efficient. 

When running a blog, your ultimate goal should be to gain as much traffic as possible. Besides Yoast, Rank Math is another best SEO plugin for WordPress blog sites with 2 Million active installations. It has stunning features like- 

  • Provide extra and related keyword info
  • Intelligent Recommendations
  • Create an innovative blog with Content AI
  • Internal and External link suggestions
  • Consist lightweight code

9. Site Kit by Google – Connect Your WordPress Website with Google services

a screenshot of site kit by google from wordpress.org

Site Kit by Google is a powerful plugin that brings together various Google tools and services into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. With this plugin, website owners can access valuable insights, analytics, and performance data right from their WordPress admin panel.

Easy Setup and Integration

Site Kit simplifies the process of integrating Google services with your WordPress website. The plugin provides a step-by-step setup wizard that guides you through the process, ensuring a seamless integration without any technical hassle.

Access to Key Google Services

Site Kit offers direct access to essential Google services, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdSense, and Google PageSpeed Insights. This enables website owners to monitor website traffic, track search performance, display ads, and optimize page loading speed, all from one convenient location.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The plugin provides a comprehensive dashboard that displays key metrics and data from various Google services. Users can easily view important information, such as website traffic, search queries, popular pages, ad revenue, and more. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and understand the data, even for beginners.

Real-Time Stats

Site Kit allows you to view real-time stats, providing up-to-date insights into your website's performance. This feature is particularly useful for tracking the impact of changes or campaigns in real time and making data-driven decisions.

Easy Monitoring and Reporting

The plugin enables website owners to monitor their site's performance and receive notifications about potential issues or improvements. Additionally, Site Kit generates detailed reports that highlight key performance indicators. It allows users to track progress over time and make informed decisions to optimize their website.

Bottom Line: Site Kit by Google is a valuable plugin for WordPress users who rely on Google services for website analytics, performance monitoring, and revenue generation. With its easy setup, comprehensive dashboard, and seamless integration with Google tools, Site Kit simplifies the process of managing and optimizing a website.

10. ExactMetrics – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

A screenshot of the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin from WordPress.org

This plugin by ExactMetrics will give you the stats you need to increase your traffic and sales. You will get the information to make effective data-driven decisions to grow your business! It is renowned for collecting site information as the best WordPress blog plugin. Here are some of its incredible features: 

Easy Access

Check the actionable analysis reports directly through your WordPress dashboard. 

Stay Updated and Ahead with Reports

You can get various reports, such as audience reports, behavior reports, eCommerce reports, Search Console reports, content reports, and many more! 

Easy Set-Up

It will take just a few clicks to add it to your site! Plus, as it's always updated, you can get the latest Google Analytics features whenever possible! 

A Range Of Tracking

This WordPress blog plugin offers various helpful tracking Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking, WooCommerce tracking, Google Analytics universal tracking, affiliate link tracking, Google Adsense Ad tracking for bloggers, event tracking, and more!

Easy To Track

It just takes a single click to enable conversion tracking for various forms in WordPress. 


Get effortless integration for the easy digital download plugin. With just one click, you can connect with Facebook instant articles. 

Bottom Line: When worrying about regular traffic, Google Analytics Dashboard can assist you by giving many efficient reports. Moreover, tracking your visitors is just a matter of time now. 

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11. Jetpack – A Plugin for Security, Backup & Speed

This is a screenshot of the Jetpack plugin from WordPress.org

This plugin by Automatic is one of the versatile WordPress blog plugins. With this single plugin, you can ensure your site security, performance, speed, growth, etc. If you previously used WordPress.com and have now migrated to WordPress.org, you can get a few of the features of WordPress.com to your WordPress.Org site.

Jetpack connects your WordPress.com account, which will give you access to features that are available to only WordPress.com users.

Here are some powerful features of Jetpack-

Social Share Buttons and Like Buttons

Jetpack makes it easy to add social share buttons to your content. It will help increase your site's visibility on social media. Your visitors will be able to share your content with a few clicks.

Also, Jetpack adds a like button so that users can like your post after reading it.

Lazy Loading for Images

Visitors will leave your site if your images take too long to load. Jetpack enables lazy loading so that viewers get a smooth website experience. Images will load as visitors scroll down the screen instead of all at once.

Custom Content Types

You can use testimonials to attract visitors to your WordPress site. Jetpack provides a shortcode to add testimonials anywhere on your website. Also, you can have portfolios on your site to showcase your best work. If the theme doesn’t support Jetpack Portfolios, you can still use a simple shortcode to display them on your site.

Brute Force Protection

Jetpack will help you protect your site from Brute Force attacks. Enabling brute force protection will prevent bots and hackers from attempting to log in to your website with a common username and password combination.

This is a screenshot of the brute force feature of Jetpack from WordPress dashboard

Infinite Scroll

With infinite scroll, your site loads new content as a user scrolls down. That creates the “neverending scroll” effect.

Infinite scroll has always been tricky to implement with WordPress, so it’s great that Jetpack now lets you enable infinite scroll with the click of a toggle.

Bottom Line: If you want to secure your website, and increase your site performance and speed, then Jetpack can help you. The plugin has multiple features to improve your site's posts, images, and traffic.

12. Elementor Page Builder- 5 Million Active Installation

This is a screenshot of Elementor plugin- Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Websites

With this number one WP builder, create unlimited web pages without effort. 

No coding, only drag and drop! 

Whether it's for your blog or eCommerce store, Elementor Page Builder will offer you the best, and fortunately, it works on any WordPress site. Here are some reasons why it's so popular: 

A Powerful Visual Design

Create a visually appealing design by using the drag-and-drop function. Upload or choose from pre-existing fonts, animate, and edit photos using the best available tools. This easy customization has made it the best WordPress plugin for blogs.

Speedy Performance

Create a fast-performing blog site (with a faster loading time) within a short period. 

Increase Traffic And Conversions

Design your forms, integrate them with marketing tools, and connect with your audience through different apps.

Get a Visual Guide to Build Your Site

The visual theme builder offers the right tools to carry out the design task without hassle!

Build Stunning Site Pop-Ups

You can create pop-ups to be consistent with your site design and integrate content from WordPress.

Get Over 80 Elements for the Design

You can find a widget for your site's every need. Also, you can use third-party ones or build a custom one! 

Compatible With Any Theme And Plugin 

No need to find the right match when using Elementor, as this chameleon will work seamlessly with any theme or plugin. 

You can easily create visually appealing designs with third-party addons like Happy Elementor Addons to design an interactive, fast, and scalable site to improve user experience! It will offer you-

Huge Preset Selection

You can select from over 400 presets to design your site. 

Lots Of Widgets.

Choose from 35 premium widgets and more to make your site interactive. 

Get a Variety Of Features 

Some features are section nesting, animation, template import, a unique library with over 500 line icons, on-demand asset loading, widget background overlay, etc.

Bottom Line: If you are searching for the best web page builder, we must suggest no one is better than Elementor. 

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13. Ultimate Blocks- A Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

This is a screenshot of the home page of ultimate blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress blocks plugin. It offers a collection of essential blocks that enhance the functionality and design of your WordPress website. With Ultimate Blocks, you can create engaging and visually appealing content without any coding knowledge.

Extensive Block Library

Ultimate Blocks provides 20+ amazing blocks for the Block editor. These blocks include testimonials, call-to-action, table of contents, countdown, progress bar, social sharing, and more.

Customizable & Responsive

Each block in Ultimate Blocks is highly customizable. You can easily change colors, fonts, alignments, and other styling options to match your website's branding. Additionally, the blocks are responsive, ensuring your content looks great on all devices.


Ultimate Blocks is designed with search engine optimization in mind. It offers blocks like the Table of Contents, Review (Schema), improving the user experience and helping search engines understand your content structure.

Lightweight & Fast

The plugin is lightweight and optimized for performance, ensuring your website remains fast and responsive. Another notable feature of the plugin is that it is modular. Therefore, you can turn on or off specific blocks for your website.

Regular Updates and Support

The plugin is actively maintained and updated, ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress. It also has a dedicated support team to assist you with queries or issues.

Bottom Line

Ultimate Blocks is a versatile Gutenberg blocks plugin that empowers WordPress users to create stunning, feature-rich content without technical expertise. It also provides a streamlined way to elevate your website's aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a more captivating and user-friendly online presence.

14. weMail – A Powerful Email Marketing Plugin for WordPress

A screenshot of the weMail plugin- Beautiful Email Marketing Software for WordPress

Do you have a large email subscriber list but don’t want to spend much money? weMail is there for you. It is tightly integrated into WordPress to make email marketing inside the WordPress dashboard simple and easy, and powerful. 

  • With its eCommerce Integration, you can keep the mail address list from your WooCommerce/EDD & FastSpring store.
  • Collect subscribers each time anyone registers on your website. 
  • Collect emails from blog comments.
  • Auto import WordPress users to weMail subscribers
  • You can collect emails from WooCommerce checkout 

Bottom line: weMail is an exceptional email marketing plugin designed specifically for WordPress users. It is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking to leverage the power of email marketing.

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15. OptinMonster – A Premium Lead Generation Tool

This is a screenshot of the OptinMonster plugin from WordPress.org

OptinMonster is one of the most effective lead-generation tools and the best blog plugin for WordPress. It lets you create various opt-in campaigns displayed in popups, floating bars, fullscreen welcome mats, or other formats. Here are some powerful features of OptinMonster-

Different Types of Campaigns

You can create different types of campaigns using Optinmonster. You can run any combination of different campaigns that you need, including:

  • Lightbox popups
  • Floating bars
  • Fullscreen welcome mats
  • Slide-in scroll boxes
  • Sidebar widgets

Easy to Use

You can easily create any campaign using this tool. Also, it is one of the biggest reasons for this plugin's popularity because of its ease of use.

Advanced Display Rules

To display the pop-ups and other campaigns in the right place, OptinMonster has some display rules. Display rules define where, when, and to whom your campaigns will appear on your site.

Bottom Line: If you want to collect leads and increase your conversion rate, then OptinMonster is your best choice. The easy-use tool will help you reach your targeted customers.

16. WP Rocket- Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

This is a screenshot of the WP Rocket website

WP Rocket is another best blog plugin for WordPress. It is one of the most popular caching plugins in the WordPress industry. Caching plugin is a must-have to increase your site performance score. More than 2 million websites are using WP Rocket to speed up their website.

This premium plugin is easy to set up, has a user-friendly interface, and has a great support system. Here are some more powerful features of WP Rocket-

Cache Exclusion

You can set up advanced cache rules using WP Rocket. The plugin makes it easy to exclude plugins and scripts you don’t want to be included in your cache.

Database Optimization

As your website grows, your database is filled with useless data, revisions of old posts, and many other things you don’t need. WP Rocket will help you eliminate those useless data and optimize your database.

File Minification and Combination

WP Rocket enables you to minify and combine the CSS and JS files, which will help eliminate unnecessary content.

CDN Integration

You can make your website available faster for visitors from different countries. WP Rocket enables you to integrate a content delivery network via two methods.

Lazy Loading for Media

This option is applied to load images or videos only when needed. They get “off-screen,” which greatly picks up the speed of your website.

Bottom Line: To increase your site speed and traffic, you can use the WP Rocket plugin.

17. Smush Image Compression- The Most Popular Image Optimizer

A screenshot of the Smush Image Compression- The Most Popular Image Optimizer.

To speed up your page loading process, Smush Image Compression helps well. If your images are large, it may slow down your website and kill your space. It will assist in compressing the image size without changing the quality.

Lossless Compression- Compress images and strip unused data without affecting image quality.

Bulk Smush- It can compress up to 50 images with just one click.

Image Resizing- If you set a max width and height, large images will scale down as they are compressed.

Incorrect Size Image Detection- It can locate images that slow down your website.

Process All Types of Image Files- Smush can process PNG, JPEG, and GIF files. 

18. WP User Frontend Pro – Allow Users to Guest Post

WP user frontend a plugin of WordPress

For the ultimate front-end solution, WP User Frontend can you out. After availing of it, you can easily create any forms or profiles or perform any such task. These best WordPress plugins for blogs will help the readers and assist you in customizing any form. Here are some tasks that you can carry out with it: 

Get High-quality Blogs for Free

As a content marketer, it is a great opportunity for you if you allow guest posts on your website. By accepting guest posts, you will never be out of content. Besides that, you will also post on your blog.

Your site will grow faster, and Google or any search engine will start to love your website. And your content will get speedy indexing.  

You Can Create Sustain Connections

More possibilities are here if you can build many connections with guest posting. As you are allowing guest bloggers to write on your website, so in return, you can post on their site as well. 

Moreover, you can ask for backlinks for your content. Isn't it an easy way to push your website to rank? 

Set a Post to Expire

If you don't want to approve guest posts from the next month, there is an option to set the post-expiration date accordingly. This will stop automatically. 

Frontend Posting 

WP User Frontend allows the users to do front-end posting and create forms. Some features are guest posting, post form builder, custom field support, and post types and taxonomies. 

Frontend Dashboard 

Give your registered visitors their dashboards just by using a simple shortcode. 

Content Restriction

Using a short code, restrict your content to your premium users only. No need for any troublesome process to do so!

Form Templates

Just with a click, you can create any forms you want! Also, there's drag-and-drop functionality for quick work. 


Make payments with a built-in gateway, and earn from subscriptions based on postings from your website. It also offers content locking and subscription signup. 

Registration and Profile Builder

Create forms and profiles just the way you want. It offers a user profile builder, registration form builder, database creation, etc. 

Bottom Line: There are premium modules, and you can also choose from three different packages with the best features to make your site efficient. WPUF is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs.

19. weForms- Easy Drag and Drop Contact Form Builder

A screenshot of weForms- Easy Drag and Drop Contact Form Builder

weForms assists you in creating WordPress forms within a few minutes. There are multiple templates, including an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.  Plus, live preview functions enable you to watch what your users will see with a button click.

Predefined and Customizable Templates

You will find unique and customizable templates to create your desired form quickly.

Field Customization Options

The predefined field may not match your requirements. By keeping that thing in mind, weForm has opened the place of the field to customize it according to the user's need. 

Eliminate Spam with Anti-spam & reCaptcha

If you include reCaptcha in your forms, you can avoid spammers. This feature is quite popular for removing malware attacks on your site and forms. 

Form Submission Email Notification

With this feature, you will get email notifications whenever a user submits a form on your website. 

Slack Integrations

Apart from the email notification, you will get notified in your Slack account whenever somebody submits forms using weForms.

Let's move to our next choice from the best WordPress plugins for blogs.

20. WP Project Manager – Manage & Monitor All Your Tasks One Place

A screensho of the wp project manager plugin home page overview

Blogging doesn't mean only writing and posting on the web. You must be smarter than your co-workers when leading a content marketing team. And no one is better than the WP Project Manager to monitor your content team and increase team productivity. Let's see how it will assist you. 

Discuss with Writers and Team Members

With WP Project Manager, your communication will be seamless. You don't need to discuss through phone calls, SMS, and physical meetings; you can talk to each other using the Team Discussion feature. 

Moreover, your conversations will remain saved, so you can recheck them when needed. 

Gantt Chart 

This feature allows you to create unlimited projects, task lists, and sub-tasks. It redefines how you handle your team, content, goals, and deadlines. In a nutshell, the Gantt Chart will give an illustrated view of tasks and project progressions. 


Every team must have milestones for team advancement. And the WP Project Manager has designed a feature for you named Milestone. Through this, co-workers can see your success map to achieve the milestone for a month or year. The milestones can be like this-

  • Starting and ending date of a project
  • Essential team meetings
  • Important idea presentations
  • Fundamental dates that may harm your project cycle

Recurring Yours Tasks

Recurring Task Management is one of the captivating modules of WP Project Manager. It can help you by scheduling your repeating tasks on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis on your WordPress site. 

Without this module, you will need to build every task and assign team members at all times. Isn't it time-consuming? 

It is a great feature, as you can- 

  • Schedule all your tasks effortlessly
  • Distribute workers to monitor assigned tasks
  • Stay alert about the milestones 
  • Monitor and track the team's progress

So, setting a roadmap and assigning repetitive tasks can be done with a few clicks by the best WordPress plugins for blogs.

Kanban Board

Kanban Project Management module can help you maintain workflow as a team leads just as you have planned. To simplify your workload, don't forget to use it. Kanban can- 

  • Observe your progress and monitor all tasks
  • Determine priority, time duration, assignee, and other staff
  • Improve overall unit productivity
  • Reduce workload and provide mental relaxation

Tracking Time of Your Team Members

While running a content team, you should know each person's efficiency. And it is impossible to do manually. In that case, the Time Tracker module can assist you by tracking the exact time a writer has spent on a particular article. 

It will be the best choice for blog owners paying a writer per hour. It is a perfect work hour counting clock for them. With this tool, save your time by not arranging it manually. 

Bottom Line: If you can use advanced project management tools, you can get advanced reports which will provide full insight. Collaborating with your blogging team will be more efficient with this plugin. 

21. Kanban Boards for WordPress- Visualize Your Tasks Updates & Status

This is a screenshot of the Kanban Boards for WordPress plugin

Kanban Boards for WordPress is a powerful plugin that brings the popular Kanban methodology to your WordPress site. It offers an efficient and visual way to manage projects. Whether managing personal tasks or collaborating with a team, this plugin is a great choice for efficient and organized project management within WordPress.

Visualize Your Workflow

The plugin's Kanban boards visually represent your project's workflow. You can see the status of each task at a glance. Customize columns to match your workflow stages, such as “To Do,” “In Progress,” “Testing,” and “Completed,” to tailor the board to your project needs.

Easy Task Management

Creating and managing tasks is really simple with Kanban Boards for WordPress. Simply add new tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates, and add labels or descriptions to provide additional context. The drag-and-drop functionality enables effortless task prioritization and movement between columns.

Collaboration and Communication

Team members can leave comments and updates on tasks, ensuring smooth communication throughout the project. This enhances collaboration, promotes accountability, and helps everyone stay on the same page.

Customization and Flexibility

The plugin offers flexibility and customization to fit your unique project management needs. You can create multiple boards for different projects, assign tasks to different team members, and tailor the board layout to match your preferred workflow.

Bottom line: Kanban Board for WordPress is valuable to any project manager's toolkit. Its visual approach to project management streamlines your project workflow and helps you easily achieve project success.

5 FAQs on Best WordPress Blog Plugins

1. What are the best WordPress plugins for blogs?

There are hundreds of options available for your blog! However, if you want the best features and functionalities, there are some best WordPress plugins for blogs you can install on your site. Such as Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Everest Forms, and Akismet anti-spam. 

2. How do I select a plugin for my WordPress site?

There are various factors to consider to make the right decision. Always select the plugin that is regularly updated. Make sure to check the last update date for the plugin. Plugins that are not regularly updated come with security issues. 

3. Can I use any WordPress plugin for my website? 

Yes, you can install any WordPress plugins for your website. However, you will need to enable it. Firstly, download and activate to install the plugin. 

4. Will plugins slow down my site? 

Whenever you add a line of code, it'll slow down your site. Yes, plugins will slow down your site. And this is why you must choose well-built or lightweight themes and plugins for the best site performance. 

5. How many plugins should I install for my site?

You can install as many plugins as you want for your site. Most business websites tend to have around 20 to 30 plugins installed. You can use over 50 plugins, as there's no restriction! 

Gear Up with the Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2024

For any blogger who wants to optimize their blog and increase its potential, a plugin is a must! Plugins offer various benefits.

You can get both paid and free ones, available in WordPress. For some, you will need to download and install, while for others, you must visit your dashboard and find the plugins to activate them. 

Are you struggling to build your first blog site? Check this guide and create your WordPress blog site in minutes.

These free best WordPress plugins for blogs will not only enhance your site, but you can carry out various tasks efficiently and save a lot of time in the long run. So, why wait?! Download them and unlock your blog's potential! 

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