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weDevs is a global brand and we provide vector versions of all our logos and mark for certain uses listed below. Please respect it and use it with care.

Full logos

Monochrome logos

Logo icon

What Not to Do with the Logo

The weDevs Logo is a symbol people recognize, so it should never be altered.
Here are a few examples of what not to do with the weDevs Logo

Do not outline
Do not rotate
Do not distort proportions
Do not shear or skew
Do not apply effects
Do not alter letter spacing
Do not use a gradient
Do not use any off-brand color

Using The
Logo on Solid

These examples show the correct application of the weDevs Logo on different solid backgrounds. The almost black full-color Logo should be used on a background that’s lighter than 15% gray. The white full-color Logo should be used on a background that’s darker than 50% gray.

Using the weDevs Logo
weDevs Logo

Monochrome Logo

If a background color makes the full-color Logo hard to see, you should use a monochrome Logo instead. The almost black (#282828) monochrome Logo contains a white triangle in the Icon. It should be used on light multi-colored images. The white (#FFFFFF) monochrome Logo has a no-fill triangle. It should be used on dark multi-colored images.

Name Spelling

When referencing our company in writing, weDevs is always written as a single word with w lowercase and D an uppercase.

Brand Colors

Here are some brand colors of weDevs Theme, Logo & Website. These is the handpicked
combination of colors we’d love to see while promoting weDevs!

Primary Color
Azure Radiance
Science Blue
Hawkes Blue
Silver Sand
Text Color
Azure Radiance
Ebony Clay