How to Reposition or Reorder the Subscription Pack

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Depending on popular customer demand, weDevs released a version of WPUF 2.6.0 with an exciting feature subscription repositioning. Users of WPUF are quite familiar with its subscription feature, where the admin can create a number of different subscription packs and allow subscribers to subscribe to different packs.

What’s new is that, now you can restrict any subscription pack you want to any user. Adding a little attribute in the shortcode, you can easily stop some of your users to see a subscription pack that they are not allowed to buy. How can you do this, is described in this article.

It’s assumed that you are familiar with how our subscription packs work and now you are trying to restrict your packs to some users. Let’s get started.

Step 1: You have already created some subscription packs, which are like this image below:

Here, we have added the title as the pack ID, for the sake of easy perception. You can find your pack ID by editing any of your pack. Check out the image below to know how can you find your pack ID:

Step 2: Now you need to create page by navigating : wp-admin > Pages > All Pages, where you will write the shortcode to restrict your subscription packs. There are two different attributes: include and exclude. To show them different page, you need to write them in different pages.

Say you want to include only a few packs [pack ID 807 and 223] in one of your pages, named “Subscription.”. For that, you need to write the shortcode with an included parameter, like this:

[[wpuf_sub_pack include = “807,223”]]

Here, the attribute ‘includes = “‘ will bring only the packs you want to show here. The series of screenshots for this attribute is below:

Writing the shortcode:

Viewing the page: Now you will see the packs exactly as you placed them.

Here we are! You have included only some selected packs in one of your page.

Now for the attribute exclude: you just have to write the attribute exclude and the pack ID, you don’t want to show, will remain hidden. The shortcode for exclude will be :

[[wpuf_sub_pack exclude = “807”]]

Writing the shortcode: A couple of screenshots below will show the effect:

This is the screenshot of the shortcode.

Viewing the page: When you view the page, you will see all the subscription packs except the pack with ID 807. Here is the image:

Now you can add some attributes with an exclude, like how you want to show it in ascending or descending form based on a lot of different parameters like ID or date. For that, you need to edit the shortcode.

Say you want to show the subscription packs in your site which are in ascending order of ID. Edit the shortcode and write like this:

[[wpuf_sub_pack exclude = “807” order = “ASC” orderby = “ID”]]

Save and view the page. Now you can see all the subscription packs, except the pack with ID 807, in ascending order. The image is right here:

There you go! That’s how you can reorder your subscription packs and have full control over which pack you want to show where.