Subscription & Payment

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Post subscription and payment system is a module where you can add paid posting system with WP User Frontend. You can introduce two types of payment system. Pay per post and subscription pack based.

Pay Per Post

With this you can introduce pay per post feature where users pay to publish their posts each post. When pay per post is enabled from “Settings > Payments > Charge for posting“, users see a notice right before the post creation form in frontend about payment. When the submits a post, the post status gets pending and he is redirected to the payment page (to setup the payment page, create a Page Payment and select the page at “Settings > Payments > Payment Page“. No shortcode is needed). Currently by default PayPal is only supported gateway. Upon selecting PayPal, he is redirected to PayPal for payment. After successful payment he is redirected back to the site and the post gets published.

Subscription Pack

There is an another option for charged posting. With this feature, you can create unlimited subscription pack. In each pack, you can configure the number of posts, validity date and the cost.

When a user buys a subscription package, he gets to create some posts (e.g. 10) in X days (e.g: 30 days). If he crosses the number of posts or the validity date, he can't post again. You can force the user to buy a pack before posting “Settings > Payments > Force pack purchase“.

To show the subscription packs in a page, you can use the shortcode: [[wpuf_sub_pack]]. To show the user subscription info: [wpuf_sub_info]. The info will show the user about his pack's remaining post count and expiration date of his pack.

Note: Please remove double third-bracket while using on your site.

Payment Gateway

Currently PayPal and Stripe payment ( Available with Pro package)gateway is supported. The plugin is extension aware, that means other gateways can be integrated.