How to Create Subscription Packs

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To create a subscription pack, navigate to –

WP-Admin → User Frontend → Subscription → Add Subscription

How to Create Subscription Packs

Enter your subscription name and pack description.

Include the billing amount and the validity of the pack. You can choose a day, week, month, or year in case of expiry.

WPUF offers you recurring payments while creating a subscription pack. Enable this option if you want to set recurring payments for this pack. It will provide you with some new options for the recurring payment.

Subscription Packs on Frontend

You can enable post expiration if you want to expire post after a certain amount of time. To do so check the Enable Post Expiration box.

Also, you can decide how many posts a user can set as featured.

But remember, the feature post will depend on your website theme and design.

featured post

Also, you can decide the number of posts as well.

Payment settings

This will enable some new settings. You have to specify the post-expiration time and the post status after the post expires.

You can also notify users when a post expires. To do so, check the Send Mail option.

Now, enter the message you want to send the user in the Post Expiration Message field. You can specify the number of posts you are giving away with this subscription pack. If you want to provide unlimited posts, enter ‘-1' in the number of posts field.

You can also set the number of pages and custom CSS. For unlimited value, enter ‘-1'.

WPUF now offers you taxonomy restrictions for each subscription pack, so you can limit the categories in which you want your users to create posts.

Create Subscription Packs

Now, select the billing cycle. You can also stop the billing cycle if you want. If you don't want to stop the cycle, select never. To enable the trial period, check the trial box. You can set the trial amount to be paid by the user for the trial period.

Now, specify the trial period. Enter number of days, week, month or year. You can also enable post number rollback. If enabled, number of posts will be restored if the post is deleted.

Finally, click on the publish button to create the subscription pack.

Subscription Packs on Frontend

To view the created subscription packs on the front end, visit the Subscription page.
Shortcode for creating the subscription page: “[wpuf_sub_pack]”.

Subscription Packs on Frontend