Field Visibility Option

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You may not want all your users to see your important post form. Because the post form is only used for those who have registered on your site. So using the form visibility option can help you restrict certain users. So that you can easily select your preferred users to view your post form (according to their roles) and create a post whenever they need it.

Let's see how you can do that using the WP User Frontend Post form visibility option.

How to Use Post Form Visibility Option

When rendering a form, each field can be shown/hidden based on the type of user roles, subscription pack. This visibility option is located under the Advanced Options section of each post form field and provides more granular control over which value you want to show and to whom.

  • To do that, navigate to WP-Admin > User Frontend > Post Forms > Add/Edit a form
  • After that, select any of the fields that you want to use the feature.
Form visibility option
  • Now click on the Edit button to customize certain things.
Edit option
  • You must find an option called, Visibility under the Advanced Tab.
Form visibility Option
  • Now select your option. For example, if you want to show the field only for the logged-in users & administrator user role, then check Logged in users-only option & select Administrator from the available user roles.

In this way, only the admin can get access to view the form of the preferred post. And you can do the same for others as well.