How to Use Pre-Built Form Templates

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Form templates are a quick way of creating pre-defined forms with a single click.

You can create a form from WP Dashboard → User Frontend → Forms → Add New

Right now, we have three built-in form templates available in the plugin:

  1. Post Form
  2. WooCommerce Product Form
  3. EDD Download Form

All the available templates for WPUF will be listed in this documentation. You can directly land on this page by clicking on the link provided on the template selection page footer.

You can also request a new integration by letting us know. Click on the ‘let us know' button and fill up the form.

Predefined Templates

Post Form

This predefined template allows you to quickly create a general post form. It contains the following form elements along with default settings.

  • Post Title
  • Category
  • Post Description
  • Featured Image
  • Excerpt
  • Tags

You also add more elements and remove previous ones if required.

WooCommerce Product Form

This template allows you to create a WooCommerce product creation form very quickly. It contains the following form elements along with default settings.

  • Post Title: Product Name
  • Taxonomy: Product Categories
  • Post Content: Product Description
  • Post Excerpt: Product Short Description
  • Numeric Text Field: Regular Price
  • Numeric Text Field: Sale Price
  • Featured Image: Product Image
  • Image Upload: Product Image Gallery
  • Drop-down Field: Catalog Visibility
  • Textarea Field: Purchase Note
  • Checkbox Field: Product Reviews
  • Radio Field: Downloadable Product
  • File Upload: Downloadable Files

You also add or remove elements if required.

EDD Download Form

The predefined EDD Download forms will help you prepare an EDD  product creation form swiftly.

Place your mouse inside the red marked area and hit the Create Form button.

After that, you will get the editor for the template:

The template editor contains the following fields by default:

  • Download Name: Insert your products' name.
  • Download Categories: Select a category for the products.
  • Download Description: You will get a full-fledged text editor to write a description. You can even insert images with this field.
  • Download Short Description: Write the description in brief.
  • Regular Price: Regular price of your download.
  • Download Image: Upload the main image for the downloadable product.
  • Product Notes: Add product notes for the downloadable products.
  • Downloadable files: Use this option to select your downloadable files.

However, you can even add or remove fields if required.