How I Increased The Speed of My Multivendor Store with Cloudways

We at weDevs, the provider of best multivendor marketplace Dokan, have been trying to provide the most convenient solutions from the beginning. Thus, we have been trying to focus on different aspects besides our own plugin for helping our users.

While you are doing business with your multivendor marketplace, speed is one of the most important elements that can get you success. Researchers have found out that website owners have only 7 seconds to grab the attention of their visitors.

While that is addressed, Page-speed is also one of the ranking factors. Websites on desktops with a decent internet connection should load in less than 3 seconds, while mobile sites are to be loaded in less than 2 seconds. So, it’s definitely a catch to speed up your Multivendor store.

Thus, we decided to highlight the most important step for a speedy multivendor store using Dokan and Cloudways, a managed WordPress hosting, and php web hosting platform.

Dig a Lot Before Choosing Your Hosting Provider

There are a number of hosting providers that claim to be the fastest in the industry until you test them. You can become disappointed with their performance.

So, we have done a bit of research on different types of hosting and how they work out for you.

Shared Hosting

We found out that most WordPress marketplace users are using Shared Hosting. No doubt, they are very powerful servers, but the only con is, they share resources with other sites on the same server.

This can increase the load time on the server and ultimately, it may affect your website performance too, irrespective of the amount of optimization you have done.

Same goes with the security. If an attacker manages to get into any of the hosted sites on a server, he can access all of the sites hosted on that server. That might be YOURS!

VPS Hosting

Then we have VPS (Virtual Private Server), in which only you are the owner of the server. The only con for VPS is that it can undergo hardware failure in case something happens to your server. You may lose every ounce of data on it.

Cloud Hosting

To overcome the cons of Shared and VPS hosting, “Cloud Hosting” is a rapidly growing terminology that has gained significant fame within the digital world. Due to its reliability, security, and performance, it is one of the widely accepted hosting services around.

Cloud is just a like a VPS where you have multiple virtual servers on a single physical server.

However, numerous physical servers act as one in cloud hosting. Thus, Cloud hosting is considered more reliable as compared to the VPS, dedicated, and shared hosting environments.

What We Think Would Improve Your Store's Speed

If you consider the above facts, it would be better to go with a cloud infrastructure provider such as Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services or DigitalOcean- the most affordable option among its competitors.

But, you will need to hire a high paying dedicated SysAdmin to set up the server on any cloud infrastructure provider. If you can not bear the cost, there are other solutions like Cloudways that takes care of all kind of server hassles and your server will be managed by them.

How Cloudways can Help You to Speed Up Your Dokan Store

We observed, Cloudways is one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosting providers, that set up a deal with top 5 cloud infrastructure providers including Google Computer Engine, DigitalOCean, Amazon Web Services, etc. to provide maximum uptime, security and the best performance.

They are like the bridge between you and your server. All server-side hassles are easily handled by their expert team. In case you encounter any problem, there is always a live chat box available to assist you at any time.

We decided to test Dokan on Cloudways and share benchmarks that can help you make a decision for a speedy multivendor store on WordPress.

Install WordPress on Cloud

Installing WordPress is pretty straight forward as it takes only a few clicks to install on Cloudways. We assume you have already installed WooCommerce and Dokan plugin on your WordPress.

Testing Environment

To conduct tests, we have created a testing environment on a clean WordPress installation.

  • DigitalOcean 1GB Server (New York)
  • PHP 7 & MySQL 5.6
  • Tested from California (Pingdom)
  • WordPress 4.7.x
  • WooCommerce 3.0
  • Dokan
  • Grand-Popo (WooCommerce Theme)
  • 500 Products
  • Varnish Disabled
  • No caching plugin

And here are the results.

Time To First Byte (TTFB)

WordPress multi-vendor marketplace hosting

Stable Performance

WordPress hosting for multi-vendor site

Let’s test it from Cloudways’ varnish optimized Dokan store. The testing environment is the same as above, just enabled Varnish and W3TC plugin.

  • DigitalOcean 1GB Server (New York)
  • PHP 7 & MySQL 5.6
  • Tested from California (Pingdom)
  • WordPress 4.7.x
  • WooCommerce 3.0
  • Dokan
  • Grand-Popo (WooCommerce Theme)
  • 500 Products
  • Varnish Enabled
  • W3TC caching plugin

Time To First Byte (TTFB)

Cloudways hosting

Stable Performance

Marketplace hosting


So, the above benchmarks are for their hosting stack only. When it comes to choosing the best hosting provider, it is quite essential that one should make a choice wisely. It’s because a multivendor store highly depends on what kind of hosting provider you are using.

Our friend Mustaasam Saleem has written 13 Ways To Speed Up Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site which can help new individuals to speed up their WordPress website accordingly. So, I’m sure, it will also help you to reduce page loading time and performance and this ultimately plays a vital role to generate more sales. Because

“Speed Does Really Matter!”

How many of you are already using Dokan on Cloudways? Test the performance of your store and don’t forget to share your experiences with us so they can benefit other customers as well.

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