7 Best WordPress Plugins for User Generated Content

Do you want your visitors to submit quality content on your WordPress site? Here is the list of best WordPress plugins for user-generated content. Using any of these useful tools you can easily build a community site where members can contribute their own blogs, images, videos, audio files, digital images, etc.

Entrepreneurs more often introduce new strategies to have an active and engaging website. One effective way could be allowing your visitors to submit their own posts on your site. If you have doubts about collaborative websites, take examples of Facebook and Reddit. The immense success of these platforms has changed the concept of sharing ideas with each other across the web.

User-generated content allows visitors to directly participate in the activities of your website. It encourages them to spend more time on your website and also brings them back time after time. Eventually, these users work as loyal advisors and promote your brand.

However, sharing backend access to your site can be a big threat in terms of security. Luckily, WordPress frontend plugins make your users able to submit content from the frontend of the website. From the submission of guest posts to managing payment- everything becomes easier with these third-party tools.

Top WordPress Plugins for User Generated Content

  1. WP User Frontend Pro
  2. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro
  3. NextGen Gallery
  4. User Submitted Posts
  5. RafflePress
  6. Prometheus User Submitted Content
  7. Frontend Publishing Pro

WP User Frontend Pro- Best Frontend Builder Plugin for WordPress

wp user frontend

WP User Frontend is a powerful tool to make frontend user post submission extremely simple. It allows you to create a user-generated content site with the least effort. You can easily build a directory, alumni, news portal, or membership site with a great scope of earning. With over 30k+ active installations, WP User Frontend lets you build all types of forms in a simple way.

It gives you the full flexibility to customize your form design and attributes. Most importantly, you can facilitate your users with a frontend dashboard. So, they can manage, edit, or delete their posts of their own.

This frontend plugin gives you the full flexibility to customize your form design and attributes. Most importantly, you can facilitate your users with a frontend dashboard. So, they can manage, edit, or delete their posts of their own. On the other hand, admins can overview all the activities from the backend dashboard. It helps you in managing users, processing subscriptions, and publishing guest/member posts with or without charging.

With the growing user base unlock premium features of WP User Frontend. There are 20+ premium modules with some exclusive functionalities. Such as content restriction, advanced custom fields, coupons, payment invoices, etc.

Key Features of AccessPres:

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro- Frontend Publishing WordPress Plugin


AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is a responsive HTML5 form that comes with predefined and custom form elements. It gives you the flexibility to incorporate user-generated content with few parameters. This means you can easily design a form for your website users and manage their content effortlessly. With this plugin, your users will be able to post anonymously. However, there's also the option to include names and URLs in their content.

This posting plugin lets your website users (guest visitors/ not logged In users) submit any type of content in an easier and faster way. Content types can be blog posts, images, comments, etc. Anyone can submit their content from anywhere. Rather admin can ensure security by enabling Captcha from the plugin settings page. Along with 15+ readymade templates, there's the freedom to create your own custom fields. Other than that, you can define the post status after submission as “draft”, “pending”, “private”, or “publish”.

Key Features of AccessPres:

  • Pre-designed themes
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Show custom fields in the frontend
  • Easily embedded email notifications
  • Full Secure Google Captcha for preventing 99% spams

NextGen Gallery


NextGen Gallery will make your website colorful getting different types of images from visitors. This plugin allows you to create beautiful photo galleries and albums in WordPress. Having over 1 million active installs worldwide it is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin to date. If your website is heavily image-focused, this plugin helps you to organize and display those images in a stylish way.

With NextGen, you can easily allow visitors to submit photos and you have a handful of options to arrange them in various gallery styles. Due to the responsiveness, all photo galleries look stunning on diverse screen sizes. Unlock the premium version of NextGen to use exclusive features like image proofing, lightboxes, eCommerce, digital downloads, etc.

Key Features of NextGen:

  • Compatible with Gutenberg block editor
  • Batch upload entire photo galleries at one time
  • Integrate social share buttons
  • Password protected galleries
  • Grouping galleries into albums
  • Importing metadata from your photos

User Submitted Posts


User Submitted Posts is a free WordPress plugin for frontend posting. Using a simple shortcode, you can add a frontend form that enables your visitors to submit posts and upload images. The form is exclusively organized with required fields like URL, post title, post tag, post category, images, etc.

As an admin, you can create an unlimited number of forms, custom post types, configure custom fields, and so forth. Most importantly it requires only a few clicks to manage all the post-related tasks. Such as post submissions, permissions, publishing, and others. Also, you can determine the Post Status of submitted posts as – Pending, Draft, or Publish Immediately. Alternatively, there's an option to publish the post after a specific number of approved posts.

Key Features of User Submitted Posts:

  • Display forms using shortcode or template tag
  • Includes shortcodes to control access and restrict content
  • Custom Field for the post-submit form
  • Automatic email notification
  • Image preview thumbnails
  • Works well with or without Gutenberg Block Editor



RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin. This powerful tool exclusively helps you to run a contest on your WordPress site and accept user-generated content like photos, stories, and more. Here, you'll get a drag & drop giveaway builder that allows you to easily create successful giveaway campaigns in just a few minutes. There are also many beautiful pre-built giveaway templates that help you to get more subscribers, improve engagement, and grow traffic.

A notable feature of this plugin includes the giveaway entry action. RafflePress allows you to reward your users with extra entries for performing such bonus action items. Such as joining your Facebook page, following you on Twitter, watching a video, and more. It will increase the participation of the users and they would more likely to share content on your site.

Key Features of RafflePress:

  • Drag & drop giveaway builder
  • Pre-built niche-based giveaway templates
  • Built-in viral sharing to boost your website traffic
  • Email marketing integration
  • Responsive, SEO friendly, and optimized for speed
  • Smart fraud detection feature

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Prometheus User Submitted Content

prometheus user submitted content

Prometheus User Submitted Content can be a great addition to your user-generated content website. This plugin is fully customizable and loaded with a great set of features. Simply add the submission form using a shortcode anywhere on your website. It can be on your widget, template, a specific page, or others. To ensure better content quality, it empowers you to filter curse words and censor unwanted content.

It is a comprehensive solution to build a secured post-submission process. Visitors must follow the submission rules you've set up. Otherwise, you have the option to ban users who break the rules. Also, the Google ReCaptcha option keeps your site safe from spam. You'll get an email whenever a user will submit a new post. If you're running a kind of website that doesn't add user posts frequently this plugin is a better suit for you. Otherwise, there's a chance to get overwhelmed with submission notifications!

Key Features of Prometheus User Submitted Content:

  • Define strict rules for post submissions
  • Available statistics about submitted posts
  • Users get full control of their submitted post
  • Get protected against spambots
  • Mobile responsive and translations ready
  • Regular updates and support.

Frontend Publishing Pro

frontend publishing pro

Frontend Publishing Pro can be an exclusive addition to your WordPress site for managing user-generated content. This dynamic tool enables your users to create and publish content from the front end of your site. It lets you create a user-friendly submission form and make the process easier to follow for your users. Getting a friendly environment, more people tend to join your community. You can allow them to create, edit and delete the content they've published right from the frontend- no backend access is needed at all.

As an admin, you have the flexibility to create an unlimited number of forms with individual settings and restrictions. This means you can select a different price range or any other facility for each user role. You can also add custom fields to the forms as per your requirements.

Key Features of Frontend Publishing Pro:

  • Works seamlessly with all themes
  • CopyScape integration ensures content originality
  • Automatic sanitizer to verify user data
  • Anonymous posting
  • Support advanced media upload methods
  • Ensure security with captchas and nonces

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Boost Your Site Authenticity with User-generated Content

Once Steve Jobs said, “A brand is simply trusted.” Brand authenticity works as a driving force to build a stable customer base. People usually feel comfortable spending money with brands they trust. Therefore, entrepreneurs and marketers also put their best efforts to gain customer trust and confidence.

Getting your visitors to actively engage, let them comment on your existing posts, or submit their own posts to your site. Since customers generally love to hear from real users. Opinions from a third party or neutral person influence their thinking process largely.

With WordPress, build a community site where visitors can share their own articles is super easy. Use one of the plugins we've mentioned above and design your first frontend form in the blink of an eye.

Do use the comment section below if you still have any queries regarding the best WordPress plugins for user-generated content.


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