Retargeting Ads Best Practices to Attract Attention

If you are on the pursuit of an effective marketing strategy, then nothing can beat the concept of retargeting ads. Never think of it as just another gimmick. Meaning that it can really bring the highest ROI or Return in Investment compared to any other strategy.

Retargeting ads are 76% more likely to get clicks than Display Ads.


See? How effective retargeting ads can be. That being said, I have seen a lot of marketers reusing appealing image ads intended to use as a standard display campaign. But to go the extra miles, you must consider retargeting ad campaigns rather than using the standard ad campaigns.

Wondering how to do that efficiently? Not to worry! This article will guide you through the retargeting ads best practices that are worth giving a try. Now let's jump right in!

What is Retargeting Ad & Why It is Important?

Simply put, when you are tracking and segmenting your lost customers, and showing them relevant ads to convert these ads are called retargeting ads.

For example, if one of your customers added an iPhone to his/her cart but did not make any payment, you can show them ads later when they are on another website. This concept is known as retargeting ads strategy.

Here is one of a retargeting ads examples :

This image shows an example of retargeting ads best practice

In case you did not know how retargeting ads are the best warrior to bring you the best, consider the following surprising facts:

This is an infographic that shows the importance of retargeting ads with data.
Source: Syndacast

This facts are just enough to realize the intrinsic value of welcoming the retargeting ads for your business in open arms.

You can create retargeting ad campaigns effortlessly using platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. with the help of the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking tool.

How Does Retargeting Ad Work?

Now you know what is retargeting ad and why it's important. So, it's time to showcase how retargeting ad works. Most probably you already have guessed how it works. That being said, let us show you the whole process in short so that you can clearly see the overall picture of how it works:

  1. Visitors Come to Your Website: When people visit your website, a tracking code is added to their browser.
  2. Tracking Their Actions: The code keeps track of what visitors do on your site, such as the pages they view and the products they show interest in.
  3. Building a Target Audience: Based on this tracked information, you create a group of people who have shown interest in specific products or sections of your site.
  4. Setting up Ad Campaigns: Now, you set up ad campaigns specifically targeting this group of interested visitors.
  5. Displaying Personalized Ads: As these visitors continue to browse the internet, they start seeing ads related to your website. These ads remind them of the products they looked at or offer special promotions.
  6. Measuring Success: You track the results of your retargeting ads, seeing if they lead to actions like purchases or sign-ups. This helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and make any necessary adjustments.

10 Top Retargeting Ads Best Practices

This is the feature image of the blog - 10+ Retargeting Ads Best Practices for Your eCommerce Website

Well, here are the top 10 creative retargeting ads best practices for you. We have found them useful for our retargeting campaigns.

  • Show Ads by Customer Segmentation
  • Use Your Ad Copy to Address Pain Points
  • Use Copy to Reflect Sales Objections
  • Push Them to Take the Plunge Using Urgency
  • Offer Discount Codes and Coupons
  • Check Typography & Color Contrast
  • Encourage the Cart Abandoners
  • Show Cross-selling & Up-selling Ads
  • Use Effective CTAs
  • Elicit Appeal for New Collection.

Now lets learn more about these points-

1. Show Ads by Customer Segmentation

It would not be wise to show an automobile ad to a website visitor who has completed an order for a burger.

Because visitors never land on your website to buy everything in your store. They have a choice for a particular product or a few products. So, it's necessary to track which products they are viewing, adding to cart or buying them.

Based on these data, you can segment your audience. Then you can easily retarget the lost customers by simply showing them those products that they abandoned in their checkout process.

2. Use Your Ad Copy to Address Pain Points

You can not just craft your retargeting ad copies with the plain tagline of your company or using the brand image. That really sucks! Why?

Because your audience already visited your website and they have scrutinized your landing pages. So, it's better to address their pain points on the copy.

Look at these social media ads.

This is an example emotional ad copy

Here, SurveyMonkey addresses two different emotions. Look at the boxed words. Firstly, they create happiness by offering prizes. Secondly, they limit the time to take action which creates a scarcity effect.

3. Use Copy to Reflect Sales Objections

You can generate the highest amount of ROI if you can combat sales objections by showing them on the retargeting ads. This can be easily done with the assistance of your sales team. Because they do know well why customers quit from the checkout process.

You can also conduct a survey to the non-converters with a form to get the reasons why they did not follow through a purchase.

All you have to do is to address those sales objections through your retargeting ad copy. As simple as that!

4. Push Them to Take the Plunge Using Urgency

To create FOMO, you can use the countdown or show the deadline of the offer on the retargeting ad copy. This way, you will be able to make the best out of your retargeting ads.

Fear of Missing out also known as FOMO is an old concept in digital marketing. Like other email copy or regular ad copy FOMO works great creating a sense of urgency on the mind of the intended audience.

This is an example of retargeting ad with urgency

5. Offer Discount Codes and Coupons

Although this is an old approach but can be pretty effective. In fact, marketers can not think of any ads without offering discounts and coupon codes.

When we are offering discounts to our customers, we usually follow industrial leaders. Here is a good retargeting ad example of Udemy that shows discounts to customers.

This is an example of discount ads to retarget

6. Check Typography & Color Contrast

Your intended audience is not going to peruse each and every character of your retargeting ad copy. So, you need to choose the font family and font size wisely. Using proper font family and font size will make your ad copy stand out from the crowd.

You will also need to make sure that you are using proper color contrast for each of the elements of the ad copy.

Here is a good example of a retargeting ad copy with good font family and font size:

This image shows a retargeting ad for happy women's day

7. Encourage the Cart Abandoners

Unfortunately, not all customers will complete the checkout process. Here are a few statistics on Cart Abandonment to put into perspective:

This image shows cart abandonment statistics

As most of your visitors will leave the cart without making payment, you have to prod them to buy the products that they added to the cart.

This is why your retargeting ad copy should contain reminder words like “Brand is waiting to solve “the problem”.

This gentle reminder could be just enough to take your intended customer to the abandoned cart and complete the payment for the order.

8. Show Cross-selling & Up-selling Ads

If someone buys a product that doesn't mean that you are all done with that customer. But showing them retargeting ads on the same product is completely useless. Because there is a very low chance for a customer to buy another bike anytime soon.

For example, if someone purchases a motorcycle it is useless to show them the same exact motorcycle buying ads over and over again.

But there is a very high chance that they will buy fuel or other supplementary kits for the bike. You can show them cross-selling or even up-selling ads too.

9. Use Effective CTAs

Retargeting ads usually appear in a smaller section of a webpage as an ad banner image or video. To take your target audience to your webpage, you need to use actionable links. You can use a button inside the ad banner or video to use it as a call-to-action.

But you have to be a little tricky by making the whole ad banner image or video (including the button) actionable by hyperlinking to your desired website. This works like charm!

10. Elicit Appeal for New Collection

Here is a simple mobile device-optimized Facebook Ad. Take a look.

This illustration shows 6 shirts with prices as a retargeting ad with new collection

It's wise to remind your paid customers that you have a new set of collections in your store for them.

For example, if anyone has bought (or ordered but didn't make the payment) a shirt from your store recently, it's ok to show them similar-looking shirts as retargeting ads.

Bonus Tips for Retargeting Ads Best Practices

This image shows a group of people are thinking about the retargeting ads best practices.

You can find a lot of retargeting ads best practices out there. But only a few of them are tested as we've mentioned above. Therefore, let's check these two bonus tips on retargeting best practices for more efficiency.

Limit the Frequency

If you are showing the same ads too many times, your audience can feel irritated and so it will create a negative impact on your brands. So how many times you should show your ad? Well, here is the suggestion:

Showing your ads approximately 17-20 times per month will result in optimal performance.


Retargeting for Facebook Ads & Google Ads

  • Whether you are showing your ads for Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you must preview them to see how they will actually look to the intended audience.
  • Make sure you are optimizing the copies to look them responsive on both desktops and smartphones.
  • I know how painful it is to collect lost customer data and set up retargeting ads for them. This is why we suggest you use a retargeting tool to track and collect user data and conduct the retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting Ads Best Practices- FAQs

What is the primary goal of retargeting ads?

The primary goal of retargeting ads is to reengage users who have previously shown interest in your website or products, increasing the likelihood of conversions and driving them back to your site.

How can I choose the right audience for my retargeting ads?

To select the right audience, analyze data from your website's tracking pixel or code snippet. Look at user behavior, such as pages visited or products viewed, to create segments based on specific interests or actions.

What are some effective strategies for creating compelling retargeting ad content?

Make your retargeting ad content visually appealing, personalized, and relevant to the user's previous interactions. Highlight benefits, offer incentives, and use persuasive calls-to-action to encourage clicks and conversions.

How frequently should I show retargeting ads to users?

Find a balance between staying top-of-mind and avoiding ad fatigue. A good rule of thumb is to cap the frequency of ads shown to each user per day or week, ensuring your brand remains visible without overwhelming the audience.

Go Forth & Start Retargeting

Before you go, you should make sure that you are properly segmenting your lost customers and customizing your ads for them properly. This will ensure the highest benefit from your retargeting campaign.

We hope that these retargeting best practices will be helpful for your digital marketing campaign and create more creative retargeting ads. If you know any tips that can be effective, please share it with us in the comment section. Thanks in advance!

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