Five Best eCommerce Up-Sell And Cross-Sell Tactics For Maximum Growth

In an automated and globalized world like ours, the tendency to the user's preference in e-Eating, every day is greater. The market becomes more competitive and the customers even more demanding. The high percentage of people who buy their products using online services, require optimal care and have a brand that offers the highest quality and generates confidence. Large companies use the combination of techniques or sales strategies such as Up-Sell and Cross-Sell to improve online sales and help strengthen ties with the customer by providing a better service. But what is upselling and cross-selling is not clearly known by startups and new entrepreneurs.

what is upselling and cross selling

These sales techniques used in the e-commerce facilitate permanent communication with the customer, demonstrating the company's concern for customer satisfaction, which seeks to improve the product purchased, at the same time that it gains confidence by offering real solutions to its customers. Needs suggesting the purchase of another product together with the primary product aims to increase sales and offer the customer a product that brings greater benefits.

what is upselling and cross selling

What is Up-Selling and Cross-Selling?

Up-selling is a sales technique through which the buyer is induced to purchase a product or service at a higher cost than initially intended to buy, making him see the additional benefits he obtains when choosing a better product. This technique helps to make a sale more profitable for the business and with greater benefits for the client. Also, to offer the customer options that he had not previously considered.

Cross-Selling, also called cross-selling, consists of selling something else, starting from a primary sale. This technique allows the buyer to offer other products that complement the purchase he has made, that is relevant, useful and necessary.

what is upselling and cross selling

They are techniques that are carried out through e-mail which yield surprising results; the goal is to promote other products and services to increase sales of your business. It has greater effectiveness in clients that have already acquired your brand, than in new clients, for this reason, it is important to strengthen bonds of trust between the client and the company.

It is possible to create attractive promotions, through email campaigns, using sales techniques such as Up-sell and Cross-Sell. The use of useful tools for this type of promotions allows knowing and keeping a check on the behavior of the clients and at the same time they offer correct recommendations. They also allow modifications and adjustments according to the needs of the merchant.

To maximize the sales of your company with Up-sell and Cross-Sell in the E-commerce, put the following tactics into practice:

1. Know the client

Identify and know the real intention of the client to acquire the product on your website. Qualifies the client through the analysis of their purchase history, studies the client's background and budget, this practice allows to know the customer's needs and their payment capabilities, in this way the product to be offered can be clearly defined. If you are a customer who has purchased your product, know the quality you offer and insurance will buy the additional product you offer, to give added value to your purchase.

2. The best moment

Once the client has chosen the product, takes it to the shopping cart and makes the payment, you have the golden opportunity at that time, to offer an up-sell. At this time, the customer already trusts your brand and complements its purchase with a product that increases the benefits offered by the product you are buying.

In the case of Cross-Selling, you can offer a second product to the customer, after the purchase, to improve the product or service you purchased. In this case, the offer of a related product can occur in a reasonably adequate time for the client to feel assisted and important to the company.

3. Create the need

One of the most effective tactics of up Up-sell and Cross-Sell is to create the need that had not been perceived by the client until you offered the product. The relevance of a secondary product is the main thing when offering another product that complements your purchase; the customer should feel that it is for their benefit and that you care about their satisfaction.

An example could be; create doubts about the useful life of the items purchased; especially those expensive ones like the electronics, where the tranquillity of the client is obtained when acquiring an extended guarantee. In this case, the sale of the primary product has been made and the extended warranty has been sold. With these actions, it is possible to consolidate bonds of trust with the client and the satisfaction of feeling protected when an unexpected event occurs in the article in which the client invested his money.

Generally, the client does not realize the cost, considers it insignificant in comparison with the added value that it contributes to his purchase.

4. Offer real sales

The customer must feel convinced that you need the secondary product that you offer and that you can pay its value, for the advantages it offers, be it an extended warranty at a good price, a service or product that offers you more benefits than expected by it. , or also offer the secondary product with comfortable fees to pay. It is a way to guarantee greater benefits by making a second purchase and earn a loyal customer.

5. Use credible references

A highly known person, a specialist in the field or a satisfied customer who speaks well of your product and recommends it, gives you a guarantee of security and confidence. Use the testimonies of these people for your advertising campaigns. The endorsement of recognized people who recommend your product is enough for other people to trust him as it helps to increase the reputation of your brand.


• Flexibility.
• Security.
• Trust
• More customer experience.
• Increase the conversions.

what is upselling and cross selling


• Try to avoid doing Up-sell and Cross-Sell with several products, so that the client does not lose focus.
• Simplifies the process of the second purchase with a click.
• Look for signs of “hopefully…”
• Be honest.
• Get customer loyalty.

Companies that offer services and products online need to have effective sales techniques when presenting and recommending their products. It is important that this activity is carried out by experienced professionals in the field, to guarantee favorable results. Up-sell and Cross-Sell are highly effective sales techniques; however, doing wrong actions with these sales techniques could be counterproductive for business.

This is a guest blog from Katrina Manning.

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