7 Best Trello Alternatives for 2024 (WordPress Project Management Software Compared)

Project management involves planning, organization, and discipline. That is why the dependency on project management software has increased significantly. Because software allows it's users to complete all the tasks within the given constraints, time and budget.

However, if we are talking about project management software then the first name that comes to mind is Trello. It is a popular kanban and project management tool that helps users reach their goals in an organized way.  It is very popular for being straightforward and user friendly.

You can use Trello for, Project management, Personal task management, Tracking time, Website and blog management, Organizing files or digital collections and more.

Despite having all these useful features it is not quite perfect. Because over the years people have been complaining about its limited functionality and lack of sophisticated reporting. That is why WordPress offers some effective Trello alternatives that will surely fill the gap left by the software.

Today we are going to talk about 7 of the best project management software out there that can easily be the best alternative to Trello.

7 Best Trello Alternatives(Both WordPress & SaaS)

WordPress brings a revolutionary change in the development arena. It has offered a lot of plugins that have helped both technical and non-technical people to operate a site effectively.  Obviously, it offers some exclusive software that can be a good fit as a Trello alternative. We are going to list them for you below.

  1. WP Project Manager
  2. Upstream
  3. Panorama
  4. Proofhub
  5. SmartSheet
  6. Zoho Projects
  7. Kanban Boards for WordPress

1. WP Project Manager- Powerful Open Source Project Management Tool

WP Project Manager_trello alternatives
WP Project Manager

If we are going to list the best Trello alternatives then WP Project Manager will always be among the top 3. This plugin brings an intuitive and intelligent approach to project management. in addition, it can be the best replacement of Trello for WordPress users.

You can break your tasks into sub-tasks, that will help you organize and finish your work faster. The kanban board feature lets the project manager set a task according to its status. There is also a time tracker option for you to track every second of work.

Furthermore, you can organize and manage all types of tasks and projects with a few clicks only. If you want to develop team communication then this is the way to do it. Also, it has a pusher notification option that will notify every worker when she/he will be assigned a task.

You can easily optimize your work with milestones, subtasks, calendar, progress bar.

All in all, it has all the functionalities that cover everything of the project manager checklist.

Active Installations: 10000+

Notable Features:

  • Project progress report from the Gantt Chart
  • Auto-generate different types of report
  • Web-based task management
  • Smart project tracking dashboard.
  • Full control over privacy and security
  • Setup different milestones
  • Automatic recurring task
  • Smart time management tool


Pricing:  They have 3 different packages starting from $52/year. All the packages come with a 14-days 100% refund policy 24/7 customer support.

2. Project Manager by UpStream

trello alternatives

If you are looking to enhance the productivity of your team then you should choose UpStream. You will get a wide insight into your team’s performance from your WordPress site. It allows you to manage all types of projects and tasks with WordPress.

Moreover, It has a great front-end view that will help your client get an insight into all the tasks. Using the Frontend Edit extension, they can also,

  • interact with the project
  • create tasks and bugs
  • and upload files.

Also, your team members can see all the tasks and bugs that are assigned to them.

You have the flexibility to customize your projects, tasks, bugs, flies, and milestones. It is fully integrated with WordPress’ default comments feature. Therefore, you can easily communicate with your team members regarding UpStream projects.

Furthermore, the powerful tracking and analysis system will help you accomplish your goals quite smoothly. Nonetheless, with its Advanced Permissions, you will get complete control over security and permissions for objects and fields.

Active Installation: 1000+

Mention Worthy Features:

  • Customizable front-end templates
  • Beautiful calendars and Gantt charts
  • Milestones tracker to measure the progress
  • Bug tracking and issue reporting
  • Fully customizable
  • Developer friendly
  • Project Discussion thread

Premium Addons:

  • Frontend Edit
  • Project Timeline
  • Customizer
  • Email Notifications
  • Copy Project
  • Calendar View
  • Custom Fields

Price: You can choose from the 3 different packages starting from $49/year. They offer a 14-days 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee with a responsive support team.

3. Panorama

WOrdPress Project management

Panorama lets the clients and team members streamline the project process from the WordPress dashboard. It helps you to track all your project activities through a common platform. You can easily track and summarize your project details with this WordPress plugin. You can check

  • the project status
  • project phases
  • project tasks
  • document status
  • key milestones and
  • timing.

With Panorama the clients and team members can visualize the project status instantly. Each user will get their own dashboard to view their work in progress and it is also customizable. There are beautiful and simple charts to present the reports. So, it will be helpful to meet the deadlines and measure the performance accordingly.

Furthermore, you will get a unique page for each project. It gives you the option to keep all the information like documents, milestones, phases, and tasks in a single place. You will get an automatically generated reports with all the project details in your hand. Therefore, you can calculate your task completion time accurately.

Active Installation: 1000+

Key Feature:

  • Project discussion and task comment
  • Email notifications
  • Advanced task management tracker
  • Built-in task calender
  • Project templates available
  • Individual client dashboard


  • Panorama Pages(free)
  • New User Projects(free)
  • Image Gallery
  • Gravity Forms
  • Gantt Charts
  • Front End Editor

Price: There are different packages for solo, small and large businesses. Their price starts from $35 for 1 site. They offer a no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

4. ProofHub

The reason why ProofHub can be one of the better Trello alternatives is that it offers versatility when it comes to project management. It helps you, as a project manager to finish and deliver your task on time. Also, it has a very clean interface that makes it operate much easier.

You can create tasks and subtasks for easy work allocation. However, it has a 3-stage Kanban workflow that you can edit per your own requirements. Also, it provides a group chat option that will help your team share ideas, comments or have a casual conversation.

With the advanced reporting system, you can get automatically generated reports that are sure to give you an insight into the progress of your project. Other than that, the inbuilt proofing tool with annotation and markup facilities, the team chat feature, a proper time tracker to estimate and track time, inbuilt reports, etc. are the reasons why ProofHub makes a great Trello Alternative.

Key Features:

  • Task Management
  • Gantt chart
  • Workflows & Kanban Board
  • Discussions & Chat
  • Project calendar
  • Online proofing
  • Time tracking


  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • OneDrive
  • Box

Price: They have an Ultimate Control package that starts with $150 and also an Essential package at $45.

5. SmartSheet


Smartsheet is a great project management tool. They provide some useful kanban tools that will help you export data from Trello, Microsoft Excel or Project.

They offer you the switch between traditional, grid, Gantt, and calendar views. Thus helping you visualize tasks in different ways. Also, It offers some of the Trello premium features like multiple views at a less price. You can generate reports that will provide you with the whole summary of the project.

However, you can work, collaborate, manage and report on work in real-time. Also, you can automate your workflow. It is an end to end work execution platform to power up your organization to achieve more.


  • Cross-team accountability and participation
  • Multiple views of data
  • Real-time reporting
  • Robust global security
  • Automate workflow.

Premium Integrations:

  • Microsoft 
  • Google apps
  • Jira
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Box

Pricing: They have an individual plan starts at $14 and a Business plan starts at $25.

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6. Zoho Projects


It is another Trello alternatives project management tool with Kanban, Gantt or list views that you can switch between easily. Having said that, it offers flexibility and customizations to suit the needs of the veteran project managers as well as agile teams.

However, you can easily customize the Kanban board with Zoho Projects. You have the option to label the tasks with color labels. There is the option to customize your dashboard as well. You can set it up per your requirements. Analytics integration allows the users to generate 50+ charts and reports.

Furthermore, users can convert projects into templates, reuse previous timelines and assign them to future projects.

Key Features:


  • Zoho Books
  • CRM
  • finance suite
  • Zapier
  • Flow

Pricing: Starts from $18 for 6 users. Free 10-day trial available. No credit card information required.

7. Kanban Boards for WordPress

trello alternatives
Kanban Board

Kanban Boards is best known for agile project management. But it works well with Customer Relationship Manager(CRM). You can add a task under a specific project quite easily. In addition to that, you have the option to add a time limit, assign team members to it.

Having said that, it has almost all the facilities like Trello for WordPress users. With the Kanban board being flexible it helps the project manager have a bird's eye on everything. Moreover, you can use that to design your project roadmap.

Furthermore, it is an effective way to see and show the progress of the projects in your WordPress site. You will get complete security for your project data with one of the amazing Trello alternatives.

Active Installation: 1000+

Key Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Create tasks and project quickly
  • Create custom views
  • Data is stored separately from WordPress data
  • Mobile friendly

Pricing: They have a Pro package that starts at $149 but the lifetime will cost $499.

top trello inforgraphics

WP Project Manager: Why It Is The No.1 Trello Alternatives

If you are recently joined as a project manager and you are looking for project management software then WP Project Manager is the one. Yes, it makes project management easy as cutting a cake. It has all the features a project manager will require in order to start a project.

All the tasks will be on your fingertips. You can create unlimited tasks and set them in recurring. So, you don't have to create the same task over and over again. It has an informative project calendar to give you a sense of all the deadlines and tasks ahead.

It has features like,

  • Assign messages and task list on milestone
  • Upload all files in one place
  • Edit and stylize messages
  • Interactive calendar
  • Create folders for files
  • See progress bar on the list
  • Start & end date of the project
  • Advanced filters for reports and more
  • Link messages & task lists with files
  • Make files private
  • Set user permission for each project
  • Frontend projects and discussions
  • Automatic daily digest mails
  • Built-in private messenger

Also, you will get a complete overview of the project from the interactive dashboard. You can easily set team members' roles and assign them tasks with permission levels. It certainly brings you the highest ROI.

That is why WP Project Manager is one of the best Trello alternatives.

Final Words on Trello Alternatives: Be Smart While Choosing

We have listed out the best Trello alternatives for you. We have covered both WordPress Trello alternatives and SaaS. This software will help you be a better project manager.

But while choosing, be sure to know your team requirements and act accordingly.

You can set up your project management system with the WP Project manager in just 10 minutes. Since it requires only a few clicks.

So, be careful while choosing the perfect tool for you. Analyze all the features and if needed compare it side by side.

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