How to Create a Baby Product Marketplace Online Using Dokan for Free!

What if you become able to earn while you sleep? How would it be if you earn while you virtually have no products? And how would it feel when you earn while you are on leave or hanging out with friends and families?

Well, you can effortlessly start earning in these ways if you only possess an online multi-vendor marketplace. And guess what, you can start earning just like the way the successful entrepreneur, Leisa Papa is earning from her Little Kids Business.

In this article, I will be showing you the ways to create baby products online marketplace with the help of the Dokan multivendor marketplace.

Now, let's begin!

How to Create & Sell Baby Products for Free with Dokan?

Video tutorial on Baby Product Marketplace

Showcasing and selling baby products in WordPress requires the following:


We assume that you have your WordPress site up and running and you have installed WooCommerce on your store.

However, if you do not know how to install WooCommerce, you can take help from this WooCommerce Tutorial.

Let's see how to create baby products online marketplace step by step:

Step 1: Configure Basic Settings

Now that you have installed WooCommerce, you have to configure some basic settings. Follow these steps:

Make sure to check the “Anyone can register” option from the WP Admin > General > Settings > Turn anyone can register on.

create baby products online marketplace

Save changes.

Next up, set some product categories like lotion, soap, diaper, apparel, etc. from the WP Admin Dashboard Products Categories.

create baby products online marketplace

Save your newly created categories.

Step 2: Install & Activate Dokan Plugin

Navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard Plugins Add New:

create a childcare website

Now, search for “Dokan“. Then click on “Install Now“:

create baby products online marketplace

Hit the ‘Activate‘ button to take an effect:

create a childcare website

Read our full official documentation or go through the following video tutorial to configure Dokan successfully on your website.

Step 3: General Setting of Dokan

After installing Dokan, now you have to do some basic configuration to personalize your marketplace features and activities. Here, you get the complete flexibility to configure all the options as per your operational rules and regulations. The entire process requires only a few seconds to go and is extremely easy to execute.

Navigate Dashboard→Dokan→Settings. Check this documentation to learn how to configure Dokan step by step.

Following we show the basic setting options, have a quick look indeed:

General Settings of Dokan

Let's go to the next step and show you how to customize your online marketplace to sell baby products and earn quick money with commissions.

Step 4: Set Selling Options & Define the Commission Rate

For each sale, you can earn from commissions. To set a commission, you need to go to the WP Admin Dashboard → Dokan Settings:

create a childcare website

By default, the selling option is set to 10. However, you can set any amount you want.

Step 5: Install & Activate Dokan Theme

Now, to get the best appearance of the Dokan plugin, you have to use a professional-quality theme. Fortunately, you can avail of the Dokan theme for free!

Click here to get the free Dokan theme right now!

However, there are many more premium themes in the market. Check out some of the most popular Dokan themes from here.

To install the Dokan theme, go to the WP Admin Dashboard Appearance Themes Add New Upload theme Choose the Zip file. That's it!

Marketplace Configuration for Vendors

Register as a Vendor

You can either register vendors manually or vendors can also register on their own. Now, let's get registered as a vendor:

create baby products online marketplace

Upload Products on Your Baby Products Marketplace

Now, it's time to upload some products. To upload products, as a vendor, you need to navigate to the vendor dashboard Select “Product” Add new product. You will get a popup like this:

create a childcare website

Finally, hit the Create Product button to add the product.

Unfortunately, in the free version of the Dokan theme, your vendors can not publish products on their own. Therefore, you will need to publish them manually.

To publish the products of the vendors, you will have to go to the WP Admin Dashboard WooCommerce Products Edit Publish.

create baby products online marketplace

Advanced Tips: Adding Slider to Your Online Marketplace

If you want to run a campaign on certain products or if you want to showcase the best-selling products on your home page then the Dokan slider can take you to the rescue.

To add Dokan slider, you have to navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard Appearance Slider Add New Slider.

create baby products online marketplace

Here, you will have to give a name to the slider. Next up, add two or more slides.

Please note that when you are uploading images for the slider make sure to click on the “Insert into Post” button.

create a childcare website

However, the slider will not show up automatically. Thus, you have to go to the WP Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Now, select your newly created Dokan Slider.

create baby products online marketplace

From the same theme customizer location, you will also have to check the “Show the Slider on the home page”.

create baby products online marketplace

Voila! The slider will now take an effect like the following:

create a childcare website

How the Customers will See Your Marketplace

When you have vendors and their products up and running on your website, customers can sign up and purchase from your store.

As a customer, you need to sign up like the following:

create a childcare website

After registering on your website as a customer, you will be able to see the marketplace like this:

create baby products online marketplace

Start Earning from Your Brand New Marketplace

Now, you are all set to make money from your marketplace. As far as the payment system is concerned, you may use any payment system that WooCommerce supports. You can find the payment methods from the WooCommerce → Settings Payments.

Next, set the shipping rate from the WooCommerce Settings Shipping Shipping Zones Add Shipping Zone.

You can also set the shipping charge from the dashboard.

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Looking Forward

This is how Dokan can help you create baby products online marketplace for free! However, with the pro version, you can extend it's functionalities very easily.

If you are new to online business, we suggest you primarily use the free version. After that, when you gain a good number of vendors, you can go for the premium version.

Finally, if you are already using Dokan, let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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