Behind the Success of Leisa Papa’s Little Kids Business

Hard work and dedication bring success to a dream weaver. Having said that, it may not always be the case for everyone. Even though you are exerting great efforts and dedication in your business to be successful, you may still need to use the right technology to get to the desired goal quickly.

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Vince Lombardi

This is exactly where an online-based multivendor marketplace solution can be a cog in the wheel!

In today's story, we will have a look at how Little Kids Business is growing by leaps and bounds with the Dokan multivendor marketplace solution and how it became the finalist of the Ausmumpreneur Awards.

What Little Kids Business Is Really about

Leisa Papa is a dedicated and enthusiastic business person from Australia. She is also a mama of two children and an author of a book, “Daniel and The Dummy Fairy”.

She founded her own multivendor marketplace, “Little Kids Business” a year ago. It is a predominant marketplace that caters to kids' gifts to its customers.

Why She Chose Dokan as Her Multivendor Marketplace Solution

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Here are some valid reasons why she replaced her previous multivendor solution with Dokan:

To Get the Expected Visual Design

Leisa knew very well that mere features, speed, and performance of her platform can not take her to the rescue! So she felt that she needs a platform that can help her add exclusive designs to the website. In this case, Dokan allowed her to use a wide array of design customization features from widgets, Dokan compatible themes, Elementor support, and many more.

To Send Professional Announcements

She wanted to send professional announcements to her vendors. To cite an example, she wanted to send an announcement that her platform may remain down during a particular time period. She can also send announcements to her vendors to upgrade to the system.

To Let Vendors Notify the Customers

I love that I do not have to be involved in this process as the brand and the system take care of everything for me.

Leisa Papa, Founder of Little Kids Business

Most of her vendors were really concerned before going on their vacation. Because they were in a dreaded feeling that will lose a lot of customers. So, they wanted to notify their customers.

With Dokan she has now been able to allow her vendors to notify their customers that they are on holiday. Now, the vendors just have to log in to their dashboard and have just to update their store status.

Gaining New Customers

To grow quickly she needed to attract more and more vendors to her marketplace.

As far as new vendors gaining rate, she now gets approximately one vendor each week. As I said, all of the vendors sell kids' brands' products.

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And Here Is How Her Marketplace or Business Is Flourishing

Without Dokan I would not have a Marketplace option and I would be forced to hold stock. Dokan offers me the opportunity to have a drop shipping Marketing and offer Businesses that chance to scale and sell alongside like-minded businesses. It also offers me the opportunity to sell stock without packing and posting on my own.

Leisa Papa, Founder of Little Kids Business

Ausmumpreneur has recognized Leisa Papa and her multivendor marketplace to be the:

  • Best E-Commerce Store
  • People Choice – Best Retail Store 2019.

That's not the end! Leisa Papa has also been nominated by “Inside Retail” as one of the Top 50 in E-Commerce 2020.


Two Hundred Vendors in Just Two Years!

Leisa has just experienced her second Christmas. In just two years, she made amazing progress to her marketplace with close to 200 vendors. In addition,

120% Increase in Sales!

Leisa and her team just experienced roughly 80000 unique page visits in this November. Besides, she has been able to increase her sales by a staggering 120%. They now expect to experience more sales growth, if not, the same growth year after year.

Tracking Customers in Store

The vendors of her store really like the intuitive and cognitive interface of the platform. The best part is that she can also track the customers visiting the individual vendor's store. Her vendors really like to know these analytics.

Increasing Vendor Sales

If the conversion rate of a vendor is less than 3%, in that case, Leisa gets into a conversation with the associated vendor recommending the vendor improve product listing, use the correct tags and focus keywords, to write a correct product description. She also suggests the vendor use the free Store SEO feature.

Satisfied Customers

Customers are the king. According to her vendors, the customers have no issues regarding placing orders and receiving notifications so far. This signals the fact that the marketplace will keep up with continual growth for a long time.

Before Ending on Little Kids Business with Dokan

It's a WIN-WIN situation both for Lisa Papa, for her vendors, for customers, and for Dokan Developers. We appreciate the hard work and all the achievements of Leisa Papa and her thirst to become an indomitable entrepreneur.

And we feel so proud and happy to be a part of her journey as the marketplace solution provider. We hope that Little Kid Business will outperform its own performance and grow more in the days to come.

P.S. If you are using Dokan for your multivendor market platform, then don't hesitate to share your success story with us!

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