Dokan Lite 3.0 Got Released with Lots of Issue Fixes and Feature Improvements

We always put our customers first here at weDevs. The same thing happens with Dokan. People who dream about owning a marketplace, Dokan is their first choice for a long time. With having the richest collection of features in the pro version, Dokan free version comes with some exclusive features.

Yes, you can create a marketplace without having to spend any money!

We are glad and proud to announce that Dokan Lite 3.0 got released. And this new version comes with features and fixes that will make your experience of owning-running a multivendor marketplace more awesome than it already is.

Ok, let's not waste more time and dive into the details.

There is a small but important note you need to check.

Before updating to the new version make sure you keep a backup of all the previous data.

What Dokan Lite 3.0 Brings to You

Dokan is the most used multivendor marketplace for the WordPress community right now. As WordPress marketplace is getting tremendous popularity in recent times, over 40000+ businesses are powered by Dokan. You can build a marketplace without having to spend a single penny with Dokan lite.

And now with the new version, it has become easier than ever. It has more improvement that will make your work more seamless. Let us see what it offers.

Dokan Lite Store Listing Filter Styles Got Compatible with Any Theme

Yes, you heard it right. Previously we had some complaints that the store listing page was not working with some popular themes. We heard you and we fixed it.

Now, you can use any kind of theme which is compatible with WooCommerce and the store listing page will automatically make itself compatible with that theme.

Theme Compatible_Dokan Lite
Dokan Lite with Twenty Twenty Theme

You can design your store listing page any way you want with any theme.

Dokan will Notify, If Your PHP Version not Met for WooCommerce

When you are installing the Dokan plugin, sometimes the users face problems that the installation was not completed due to unknown reasons. However, one of the reasons was the PHP version was not met for WooCoommece.

Notifications_Dokan lite

Now, you don't need to worry about that anymore. Because the admin setup wizard will give you a notification if the PHP version is not compatible with WooCommerce's latest version. Cool right?

Commission Formats Got Updated If Dokan Pro is Deactivated

The commission is an important feature for market owners. Because that is how they earn their profit. Dokan lite has two types of commission rates.

  1. Flat
  2. Percentage.

Last year, Dokan Pro released a new Combined Commission type. You can use both flat and percentage together in this commission type. However, it is a pro feature.

Commission feature

But there was an issue that if someone deactivated the pro version after setting the combined commission type then the free version would still show the combined commission type from the database. Therefore, that issue has been fixed.

You don't have to face that problem anymore.

Major Improvements in Dokan Lite's Performance

When you are developing software or a plugin, the performance mainly depends on how well the code is written. If the code is not efficient enough then it will hamper the performance and the speed of the software. That is why the quality of the code s very important.

Performance_Dokan Lite

The new version of Dokan Lite has an improved code quality. Now, it has a better structure that will help improve the performance of the plugin. It will run faster, load faster.

Classes are now loaded with composer autoload. 

With the improved code structure, you'll experience a smoother and more optimized performance from the modules now! The codebase is reorganized in a cleaner way so that feature enhancement will be faster and less complex from now on.

Also, there are some other fixes that were made in this release that will improve the performance of the plugin significantly. Also, you can download it for free!

Why You Should Choose Dokan?

As we said earlier, Dokan is the best multivendor marketplace in WordPress right now. If you have a dream of owning the marketplace then Dokan can easily make that dream come true.

If you build a marketplace using Dokan then it will be similar to Amazon, Shopify, Magneto, eBay.

You can create marketplaces for Electronics, Beauty Care Items, even for software. You can contribute your imaginations and idea, Dokan will take care of the rest.

best ecommerce plugin wordpress

The best thing about Dokan lite is that it is surprisingly easy. Vendors can register on your site and start selling right away. Each and every vendor will have their own stores with a unique URL and store page.

The vendor will have their own front-end dashboard that they can manage easily. They can manage the products, add/remove items, request a withdrawal from earning all from the front-end dashboard.

However, the configuration of Dokan and WordPress related settings are in your as in the admin's hand. If you ever face any problem, then the Dokan has a 24-hour support system that will help you in every way.

When you have this much support then you don't have to worry about anything regarding your marketplace.

Bonus: Dokan Pro Version 2.9.19 Released!

If you want to take your marketplace to another level then you can purchase or update to Dokan Pro. It has features like,

  • Multiple product types
  • Earn from each sale
  • Coupons feature with expiry and restrictions options
  • Vendors can manage orders with no time
  • Managing SEO for your store page
  • Generating detailed reports
  • Combined commission feature.

And many more. Therefore, you can see why it is called the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress. The good news is, recently the version 2.9.19 was released with some significant fixes and improvements. Like,

  • Geolocation module has an API key checking function
  • Multiple vendors have wildcard shipping
  • You can report menu permission issues
  • While duplicating product as an inactive vendor you can make product status pending
  • Inclusive tax support for RMA

And many more. So, what are you waiting for? Take your marketplace to the next level.

Final Words on Dokan Lite Updates

The needs of the customer are always changing. Keeping up with the trend, Dokan is always bringing change. That is the result of Dokan Lite 3.0. Keeping the clients need in mind, we bring regular updates.

Building a marketplace with Dokan lite is really easy. And It also has free extensions that can be used to customize your marketplace. You can attract more vendors to your marketplace and give the essential lift it needs.

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