Benefits of Gantt Chart in Project Management: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. The benefits of the Gantt chart are generous.

Basically, the horizontal line of a Gantt chart indicates the amount of work completed in relation to the amount planned for those periods.

Gantt Charts are typically used for projects whether they are small or large.

benefits of gantt chart

Invented by Henry Laurence Gantt (1861-1919), Gantt wanted to solve the issues of project management such as showing progress and time management.

Henry Laurence Gantt
Henry Laurence Gantt (1861-1919) is thought to be the inventor of Gantt Charts

Being familiar with Gantt charts is life-saving for companies and organizations-especially for Project Managers, Entrepreneurs and Team Leaders who have to monitor and control groups of people with tasks to complete.

Today the Gantt chart extends its use to other users such as:

  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Production Supervisors

They are also used by ERP systems such as the WP Project Manager whose common users are in assembly, construction, and tertiary sector.

Today we shall discuss the benefits of using Gantt charts. If you are new to the Gantt chart that is perfectly alright.

This blog discusses the advantages and even will show you real-life examples of Gantt charts in use.

There are many software today with the Gantt Chart facility, even Microsoft Office has its own Gantt Chart. Let's dive into the details.

Benefits of Gantt Chart in Your Project Management

WP Project Manager gantt
An overview of WP Project Manager Gantt Chart

The benefits of Gantt charts are uncountable- so we listed 10 benefits of the Gantt chart.

1. Gantt Chart Shows Dependencies

Many tasks cannot move forward because they are dependent on other tasks. For example, For a farm, farmers cannot plant seeds unless the task of fertilizing the soil is done.

Likewise, for a business or organization. Managers must know which tasks are dependent on other tasks. Not knowing this will never allow projects to make progress let alone be completed.

Gantt Charts will lend you a hand in this regard. You will be able to see which tasks are dependent on which task. Knowing this insight will allow you to think clearly about which tasks are more important in order to make progress.

2. More Room to Solve Problems Faster

Before Gantt Charts existed, managers had to focus solely on the tasks and projects alone. This meant that there was little room for worrying about other aspects of making progress.

Such as contacting clients, worrying about making tasks simpler.

With Gantt Charts, you no longer have to think deeply or spend time to get an idea of how well your project is doing- you simply look at the chart and get an idea what is the status of your project.

You can approach other teams and members to make progress faster.

For example, if your Gantt chart shows you that your progress is poor and time is short, you can quickly step-up the game by outsourcing an expert to get the task done faster.

Thus the advantage of Gantt Charts allows you to think creatively by thinking out of the box. You start to be able to think out of the box to make your progress faster.

After all, there is always more than one way to skin the cat.

3. Improve Client Relationships

One of the main reasons for the invention of the Gantt chart’s existence was to be able to meet deadlines more efficiently.

Previously, it was impossible to know the status of progress. With Gantt Charts, the advantages of Gantt Charts meant the managers knew the progress of their tasks.

New Gantt Chart Extension Gives WP Project Manager A Transformation

So they could allocate the appropriate time and resources for meeting the deadline of their progress. This results in great customer-relationship.

4. Employees Know Where They Stand

Gantt Charts are not meant to be used by project managers alone-they are also used by employees who are under a project.

gantt chart adcantage

With the WP Project Manager, the employee is able to see all the tasks-even the ones he has not been assigned to-so the employee knows what tasks define the project.

5. Gantt is also an Assistant to Your Memory

The advantage of Gantt Chart is that it helps you to recall the assignment and purpose of a task according to time. You won't have to think hard to remember the number of tasks and the employees who are supposed to the task.

Now you can simply look at the Gantt Chart and decide whom to approach for inquiring about the task.

Forget the need to stick rainbow colored sticky notes on walls to recall the duration of your project.

Just have a glance at the Gantt Chart and let your mind automatically remember that assignment you placed on an employee.

6. Bird’s Eye View of your Projects

Another benefit of the Gantt Chart is that the chart is a visual chart.
No long sentences or points to define the status of your task.

You simply look at the visuals of the Gantt Chart and get an idea of your project progress.

benefits of gantt chart
With Gantt Charts, you get a general idea of your project.

In the WP Project Manager, the Gantt Chart lets you see the project name, their respective tasks under a project and the time duration

7. Allow employees to Work Remotely

Before the Gantt Chart was invented, employees had to be present at the company so they could be reminded of their tasks and duration.

Now with WP Project Manager Gantt Charts are online 24/7. So employees can work from home as they can simply glance at the Gantt Chart online in order to know their task time and role.

8. Clarity is Assured

Since this is a visual graph, the graph makes communication better because everyone knows their deadline and task title.

gantt chart benefits for Project Manager

Therefore, fewer meetings are needed to set reminders for employees and project managers.

In the WP Project Manager, you can discuss project details with a specific member or a group.

In addition, you can view project activities for a better overview of the project’s activities.

9. Enhanced Collaboration

With both employees and project managers know where they stand in their responsibilities, one will only see effective collaboration.

WP project manager Gantt Chart
Users in the WP Project Manager can see the dependencies and progress of their tasks.

The success of a project depends on how strong the collaboration is.

Gantt chart benefits pave way for solid collaboration.

Take a look at the WP Project Manager– it lists all members of a project, and shows their progress according to their assigned tasks.

10. Monitoring & Tracking Becomes Effortless

Another final advantage of the Gantt Chart is that as a project manager you will find monitoring and tracking becoming straight-forward.

The Gantt Chart takes the role of displaying your task progress and duration. Therefore, zero effort is spent on analyzing and calculating the time spent on completing tasks.

In the Gant chart of the WP Project Manager, you will see that as you work with your tasks- your Gantt Chart will be automatically updated.

Benefits of Gantt chart: Final Words

Today, due to the benefits of Gantt Charts, they are used in a wide variety of industries.

Users of the WP Project Manager range from software industries and construction.

I feel that for beginners, the Gantt chart used by the WP Project Manager is far more effective.

Here is a video that demonstrates how the WP Project Manager can be used.


With the WP Project Manager, the Gantt chart is automatically updated as tasks and projects are controlled by users.

WP Project Manager is always available online 24/7. So you can check your tasks and projects on the fly from anywhere you want. It is safer because having a Gantt chart saved on your desktop may be lost in case your computer crashes.

In addition, growing companies find it very hard to manually install Gantt software on every computer in order to reap the benefits of Gantt Charts.

So for this reason, businesses who want to scale and grow prefer to use the Gantt feature with their Project Management software.

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