Target People Across Multiple Channels Using Facebook Ads And WooCommerce Data

Use WooCommerce Conversion Trackings out of the box, setup functions to enable better opportunities for Facebook marketing.
Target People Across Multiple Channels Using <strong>Facebook Ads</strong> And <strong>WooCommerce Data</strong>

Keep Record
Of User Sign Ups

New customers who sign up on your WooCommerce store holds the most potential for your business. Market to them inside the Facebook environment to increase your overall sales.

Keep Record <br>Of User Sign Ups

Market To Those Who
View Your Products

Get data about who viewed your products, send those to Facebook’s ad platform and target them later to promote your other products

Market To Those Who <br>View Your Products

Target Product
Category Interactions

People who viewed your product category means they went one step ahead to know what kind of products you sell. This feature lets you target them on a later occasion.

Target Product <br>Category Interactions

Track Who Add
Products To Cart

58.6% of people say they’ve abandoned a cart in the last 3 months because “They were just browsing!”. This means they are potential customers. Now you can market them the product of their interests using Add To Cart data from your WooCommerce store.

Track Who Add <br>Products To Cart

Keep Trail Of People
Who Initiated Checkout

When your customers will finally make their decision to purchase a product and check out will event will be sent to your Facebook Ad platform in real time.

Keep Trail Of People <br>Who Initiated Checkout

Track Those Who
Made A Purchase

Make those who successfully purchased a product from your store, recurring customers using advanced tracking from WooCommerce to market to them in the future.

Track Those Who <br>Made A Purchase

Import WooCommerce Products To Facebook Product Catalog Automatically

Facebook product catalog is a list of products that you want to advertise. Rather than adding them individually add all at once with this function.

Import WooCommerce Products To Facebook Product Catalog Automatically

Ability To Add Multiple
Facebook Pixel

This feature is essential if you have more than one Facebook pixel. If you want to work with agency or partners and they want to have their own pixel on your site, then you can just setup multiple pixel easily. Alternatively, you might just want to keep a ‘backup’ pixel.

Ability To Add Multiple <br>Facebook Pixel