How to Create Registration Forms in WP User Frontend

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You can create as many registration forms as you want and assign them to different user roles in WP User Frontend.

Creating Registration Form

Creating Registration forms are easy.

  1. Go to the User Frontend Menu Then Registration Forms from the sidebar
  2. You can create new forms just you would create posts in WordPress.
  3. Give your form a name and click on Form Elements on the right sidebar.
  4. The form elements will appear to the Form Editor tab with some options.
  5. From settings you can –
    • Assign New User Roles
    • Can redirect to any custom page or same page with a successful message
how to create registration forms

Showing Registration Form

  1. By using a short- code, you can show your registration form on any page or post
  2. You will get different shortcodes for each registration form separately.
Copying the shortcode

More than one Registration Forms in the same page?

Note: You can use user meta fields in the confirmation email.

meta key in emails