How to translate WP Project Manager

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You may have noticed our translations site from where you can translate any of our product into your language or download the translation if it is already translated.

We have to translate those free and pro plugin to get translated all of the parts.

To translate WP Project Manager Pro, follow this link.

And to translate the free version of WP Project Manager, follow this link.

Now as you are on the page for WP Project Manager, you will see a list of available translations and complete the untranslated strings for your language or download the completed ones. You just need to click on the language name and if your language is complete, you can download them; or you can follow the below instructions to complete the untranslated ones:

  • Click on the name of the language you need.
  • Click on the untranslated link on the top.
  • There will be two columns; the left one contains the strings and you have to double click on the right column cell to enter a translation for the respective string.
  • Write the translation on the box and click “Suggest new translation”
  • Repeat the process until all the entries are complete.

After you have completed the translation, you can mail to us via our contact form to approve the translation. It does not take more than 24 hours. And you can even get 30% discount on any purchase for completing translation to a language.

After your translations are approved, you are ready to download.

Download Translation

In the very bottom of your language page, we will find the options to export translations in various format. The format required by WordPress is .mo. It is a machine readable file. A human readable file extension is .po. It is optional to have a .po file. So we will skip that one and download the .mo file only. So the option would be “All Current” and “Machine Object Message Catalog” (.mo) and you have to click “Export”.

Options to select while downloading translation from weDevs translation site
Options to select while downloading translation from weDevs translation site

A file will be download named something like

Configure Files

I believe you have already set WordPress to your required language. If not, navigate to wp-admin → Settings → General and scroll to the bottom. You will find the option to switch the language. Select your language and hit save.

The translation files need to follow 2 things:

  • Text Domain: it is a unique word to identify translated string for that particular plugin.
  • WP Locale: this is a 2 or 4 character code to define your language. If your language is English and you are from The United States then your WP locale would be en_US. For more details, you can read the Translators Handbook.

As the text domain for WP Project Manager is wedevs-project-manager, so we have to rename the downloaded file to

Now, we can place this file in two places:

  1. /wp-content/plugins/wedevs-project-manager/languages/
  2. /wp-content/languages/plugins/

If we place the file in the languages folder of the plugin (mentioned at 1), the file might get lost while updating the plugin. So the safest place would be wp-content/languages/plugins. It's the global language folder for all plugins and safe from updates. So we will copy paste the file here.

Please note that the file name should be in this format

Using the translations

To use the translations, we have to make sure two things:

  1. We have specified the desired language in wp-admin → Settings → General.
  2. The file name is exactly in the required format in either language folder described above.

Now we are done and will just reload the plugin page and the translations will work. If you face any difficulty following this doc and need more detailed instructions, feel free to post on our support forum.