How to View Reports in WP Project Manager

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With Project Manager, you can generate reports of your projects, tasks, etc. focusing on various criteria.

cpm-reports in WP Project Manager

To view reports navigate to wp-admin → Project Manager → Reports.

We have added several predefined report cases depending on user feedback. The reports are very much self-explanatory.

Overdue Tasks

Lists tasks from the project that have passed the due date but are not completed yet. Now, you can determine which tasks you need to get off your waiting list first.

cpm overdue task report

Complete Tasks

Tasks that were completed from all to-do lists. Tasks which you can relax about.


User Activities

A complete review of all the tasks created or deleted by all co-workers. It is also possible to create reports for specific user activities. All you have to do is select the user name and time frame.

Select specific user and time frame
cpm user activities report

Project Task

A complete report showing all your tasks from projects. You can also generate reports for complete and incomplete tasks. When you select this report a popup will be displayed and you have to choose what kind of report you want to generate and press the Run Report button.


Task by Milestones

Displays all the tasks according to specific milestones. You have to select a project and assign milestones to generate this report. You can also export this report to CSV file format.


Unassigned Task

This report lists all the tasks which were not assigned to any of the users.



This report will help you give a snapshot of your projects' every aspect. The most amazing thing is that you can customize the attributes of your project report to get the report according to your preferences.

To get the report, hit the ‘View Full Report' button:

Project report

Next, you will need to set the filter of the report. Click on the ‘Filter' button:

Filter in WP Project Manager

Next, you will get a pop-up to set the filter option. You will get the following options:

  • Report type: By default, it is set to ‘Summary'. However, you can also select the ‘User' radio button.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 14-according-users.png
  • Summary type: To enable this ‘Summary Type' option, you must select the ‘Summary' radio button from the ‘Choose report type' option. 
    By default, it is set to the ‘All Project' option. But you can click on the dropdown menu and select either ‘All Project' or ‘Task List' or ‘All User'.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 13-summary-type-all-project.png
  • Start Date and End Date: Set a date range to get report during that period.

What will the estimated time report look like?

Here is an example of ‘All Projects' estimated time report based on the ‘Summary' type:

What will the estimated time report look like?

Here is an example of ‘Task List' report based on the ‘Summary' type:

Task list of WP Project Manager

Here is an example of ‘All Users' estimated time report based on the ‘Summary' type:

Example of WP Project Manager reports of all users

Finally, here is an example of an individual user type-based estimated time report:

example of an individual user type-based estimated time report

v2.3.3 Update

With the new release of version v2.3.3, this module will include two more report filters. They are:

  • Project vs user
Project vs user
  • User vs project
Graphical presentation of project vs user

These filters will generate reports with graphical representation.

Project vs user

If you select this option, you will be able to know which user has given how long in their assigned projects. If you hover your mouse pointer on the graph then you will get a tooltip describing the details.

Assigned projects per users in WPPM

User vs project

If you select this option, you will get to know how many users have spent time on a project. Like project vs user, if you hover your mouse pointer on the graph then you will get a tooltip describing the details.

Tooltip in WP Project Manager reports

The advanced report is the old report

We didn't completely remove our old reporting system because of its complete manual capacities. You can still access it by clicking Advanced Report.

On this page, you will be prompted to select a project to generate the report or to export it to a CSV file.

  • Use the drop-down menu to select your desired project.
  • Use the “+” button for selecting multiple projects.
  •  Click Generate Report to view project report(s).

After clicking the generate project button, you will see your project reports in detail, such as Project Name, Task List, Title, Task, Assigned Person's name, Start Date, Due Date, Status, and more in details by clicking on them.

Project report

How to Export to CSV

After getting reports, you can export your reports as an Excel file for backup. Click ‘Export to CSV' button and a file will be downloaded.


After downloading a file, you will see it in your browser downloads and download folder on your PC. Now you can open your file to see your project report just navigate to your download folder and open your desired file and you have done.

Open CSV file in Google Sheet
Project report in CSV file

If you have any feature requests or having difficulty understanding this doc, please open a support ticket.

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