Dokan Product Addon is Live Now to Power up Your WordPress Marketplace

Good news for WooCommerce powered multi-vendor marketplace owners! Dokan version 2.9.16 got released last week. As always it has come bearing new exciting features and tweaks. However, the main attraction of this release was Dokan Product Addon.

Dokan the best multi-vendor marketplace has been the go-to plugin for WordPress users to build exclusive and attractive marketplaces.

You may know that WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform for WordPress. And Dokan lets you turn your single WooCommerce store into a customized multi-vendor marketplace and earn with each sale!

The need of the users and vendors are growing day by day. They want new things and features. Dokan is also keeping up with adding new features in each new release.

Keeping that record intact, in this new release Dokan has brought this new feature.

Dokan Product Addon: Why A Product Addon is Essential These Days

Have you ever ordered a burger with some extra fries? Your extra fries are addons for that burger. You may have paid an extra $5 for those extra fries. That is exactly how a product addon works to manage your online orders.

The concept of Product Addon was first introduced by WooCommerce in the WordPress ecosystem. People who use WooComerce for their marketplace get this benefit. But that is only for a single vendor online store. Now Dokan has brought this feature to power up both the WordPress multi-vendor marketplace owners and users.

So why it will be a beneficial feature? suppose you are selling electronic products like refrigerator, tv, microwave oven, etc. People might need an extra set of wires after buying a fridge or an extra remote control system for their tv.

Without a Product Addon, you may have to adjust the price of the wire or remote with a refrigerator or tv. Resulting in the price of those products will rise. But with the product addon feature, customers can add a set of wire or a remote after buying the particular products and paying extra only for those products.

The customers will have the option of whether to buy those extra products or not.

See, how the product addon feature will help grow more customers for your marketplace.

You want to find out Dokan product addon works. Let's go.

How Dokan Product Addon Helps You out

Dokan Product Addon

To enable this amazing feature you will first need,

After activating all the above plugins, create a marketplace with vendors and products. You can follow this article to create an attractive marketplace.

Ok, now you have created a marketplace or you already have your own.

The next task is, go to Wp Admin Dashboard→Dokan→Modules to activate the Product Addon module. Don't forget to activate the WooCoomerce Product Addon extension plugin first.

You will find it under the plugins option from your dashboard.

Activate Product Addons Module

An addon can be created by the admin and by a vendor.

Using Dokan Product Addon as Admin

An admin can have his own marketplace. So, he can create an addon for his products.

Having said that, to create an addon, you must navigate to WP Admin Dashboard→ Products→ Addon. Click on the button Create New on top of the screen.

You will notice some fields are opening below the page. You need to add a name for your reference, priority number so that if you have multiple addons then the addon will be displayed according to those numbers.

Also, you need to mention the product category this addon will be applicable to. For example, if you choose All Products, that means the addon will apply to all of your products.

Setup Addons Field

To set the addon, click on the Add Field button located at the bottom. You will have multiple options to set up your addon.

Like the type, display, title and many more. You will have the option to set the addons for a flat fee, quantity-based or percentage-based.

Full options GIF

Click on the Publish button to finish.

Yay! you have created your addon. Now, how your customers going to use it?

It is simple when they go to buy a product they will have the options for the addons. When they select an addon, they will be charged according to the charge you have set for that addon.

For example, the addon Test1 will be charged with a flat fee of $8.70. So, when the customer buys a product worth $39.13 and adds Test1 as the addon then they will have to pay ($39.13+$8.70)=$47.83.

Same calculations go for the quantity based and percentage-based addons.

How Could Vendors Utilize Dokan Product Addon

Earlier we have mentioned that vendors can also create add ons. Let us have a look at that.

For a vendor to create an addon, you have to go to the vendor dashboard and click on Settings.

On the next page, there will be a bar named Addons. Click on it. On top of the screen, you will see a button Create New Addon. Hit that button.

You will have the same options as the admin to create your addon.

vendors Addons GIF

Just click on Publish like the admin to finish creating your addon.

You can create individual addons for individual products. To do that, select a product. If you scroll down you will see a button called Add Field. Click on it to unlock the options for addon creation.

Still, confused? ok, check out this documentation to get a clear idea.

Important Points to Remember

Exclude option of Dokan Product Addon
  • If you select the Exclude add-ons option then only the addon that was created for that product will be applicable, the global addon will not be applicable
  • Otherwise, the global addon will be applicable for that product
  • If you create an addon for the individual product but do not select the Exclude add-ons option then the Global and Individual add-on will be applicable
  • The admin will be able to view all the addons created by the vendor and him/herself. But the vendors can only view his/her own addons
  • Addons will be applicable to the products of the creator of the addon.

Wrapping up on Dokan Product Addon

About 40.000+ marketplace around the world is run by Dokan. With its advanced features, Dokan is gaining more strengths day by day.

With the new Product Addon module, earning with Dokan have become more easier

We hope you can boost your marketplace and earn a sizeable profit to your liking by deploying Dokan Product Module.

Check out this video to get to know more.

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