Support Policy

Being a customer, you may want to know how far you can get support from us. To make things easier, here is our support policy.

Support eligibility:

We only provide support to our valid premium users. If you want to become a valid premium user and get premium support, you have to-

  • Purchase our plugins/products from our official website
  • Reach out to us with your purchasing email address.

We do not provide support if the plugin has been purchased from any other website or if you reach out with any other email addresses.

Please remember that we will NOT be liable for any harm on your site because all the other sources selling our products are unlicensed versions of the plugin. Most of those unlicensed plugins may or may not include viruses, malware, trojan, or malicious codes to fetch your personal information from your site, which imposes security risks on your site.

Support Response & Resolution Time

Our response time may vary based on the volume of tickets we receive on a regular basis. Typically, we aim to respond to each ticket within 24-48 hours, but during peak periods or when there is a long queue, the response time may be longer.

Regarding the resolution time of an issue depends on its complexity. We make every effort to resolve an issue as soon as it comes to our attention, but we cannot provide an exact time frame for resolution.

We prioritize tickets on a "first come, first served" basis to ensure that everyone receives assistance in a fair and timely manner. If you do not receive a response within the expected timeframe, please be patient, as we strive to uphold our motto of "No one shall be left."

If you need a faster response time and quicker resolution for your issue, we recommend choosing our priority support service, weCare.

What Our Support Covers


We only provide support for our products that are sold from, as stated earlier. You will get the following service from our support:

  • Assistance with installations & configuration
  • Usage and guidelines
  • Fixing bugs and issues

At, we offer support when your site uses the latest version of our plugins, as well as the two previous versions before that

Updating the latest version often resolves any issues when troubleshooting and providing support, so we recommend it as a first step. You can find more information about this process in our documentation - How To Update Our Plugins.

Bug Fixing:

We will always fix any bugs in our products as early as possible after they are brought to our attention. If you think you have found a bug, feel free to let us know by creating a ticket.

What Our Support Does Not Cover

To ensure transparency and eliminate any uncertainties, we would like to clarify that our support scope does not cover everything. For your convenience, we have outlined the specifics below:

  • Assistance for users of null (pirated) plugins.
  • Instruction in CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and guidance on customizing JS/PHP code.
  • SEO consulting. Kindly consult an SEO expert for matters related to search engine optimization.
  • General WordPress support. You can access helpful resources and solutions for WordPress on the forums.
  • General WooCommerce support. For inquiries regarding WooCommerce, please refer to the WooCommerce Support forums.
  • Aid with site migration-related issues.
  • Troubleshooting compatibility problems with third-party themes/plugins.
  • Material related to black magic or similar harmful practices that target human well-being.
  • Websites endorsing tobacco, vape products, illegal drugs, or excessive alcohol consumption (excluding licensed pharmacies and legally authorized cannabis dispensaries)
  • Explicitly sexual or pornographic content, characterized by explicit depictions of sexual organs or activities designed to provoke erotic, rather than aesthetic or emotional, responses.
  • Realistic portrayals of violence towards humans or animals, including depictions of killing, maiming, torture, or abuse, as well as content that advocates for violence.
  • Individuals or entities that involve or promote Satanic religious content

We hope this clarification helps you better understand our support coverage.


We provide support for our products as they are developed and published. Any type of modification or customization is not included in our support service. If you need any core customization or have any personal requirements of your own need, you can hire a developer or contact our weLab team to get a paid solution.

Moreover, if you need site maintenance service, you can get our weCare service.

Why we do not provide customization:

To provide the best possible customer support, we need some constraints to ensure that our support team can provide the best service. Assisting with customizations and modifications takes extra time, which can divert our support engineer's attention away from another customer who is experiencing a valid issue. And sometimes that customer can be you.

Mature/Adult Content or NSFW (Not Safe for Work):
You may use our products on any mature content website. But we neither promote nor provide support to any Mature Content or NSFW (Not Safe for Work) website. does not suspend accounts or licenses for mature content. You will still receive updates to our plugins when the updates become available to your weDevs account.

Product Support Channels:

We provide support related to the pre-sales queries through Live Chat and technical support through the Helpdesk. Or you can directly mail us at

We do not provide support through any other channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, phone, or any other way. All the social communities we have are for free discussion related to the products between the users.

Please bear in mind what we do support while creating a support ticket. We may ask for your site credentials to check your site thoroughly in any case if we need to assist you. While providing the site credentials, Do not forget to keep a backup of the entire site . Please follow the instructions provided by our technical team members on how to provide the details securely.

By providing the site credentials, you agree to give us full consent on any kind of checking or modification needed to find the issue on your site. When we do intense debugging, there could be some errors in the front-end due to unwanted data loss or modification. That is why we always prefer staging/duplicated site credentials.

Please do not share the credentials to your site with anyone as it compromises your personal information. Any information you submit to us through our Helpdesk will be handled with strict confidentiality. Only you and our support team will have access to that acknowledgment.

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