Mind-blowing Features

WP Project Manager is loaded with features that's right just for anyone. Use it to manage your personal endeavors or business tasks. It's perfectly easy even for the rookies in WordPress!


Manage assignments in
multiple ways

Create unlimited projects, tasks, set title and details.

Add users and different types of user roles.

See progress bar, mark to-do as complete/incomplete.

Add comments, see start & end date of project.

Open team discussions

Send mail to all team members and edit messages right from your Project Manager.

Communicate freely while viewing tasks & progress. Add attachments & comments.

Discuss anything with everyone in team as effortlessly as face-to-face communication.


Talk privately with a client
or team person

Privately exchange important things
with clients or agents.

Add attachments and comments
straight from your dashboard.

View task progress real-time while

Interactive Calendar

Filter assignments project-wise. Each task is linked to its task list page.

Color codes for easy recognition. Drag & drop tasks to change due dates.

See daily, weekly & monthly progress of tasks, and everyone assigned.


All your docs in one place

Upload and view files from dashboard.

Navigate to linked messages and task lists.

Create folders and link to documents.

Make any file or image private as appropriate.

Customized user roles
& privacy

Change individual user permissions for better privacy.

Decide the roles of each user for every project.

Also control team capacities for all your projects.


Bring Everything Frontend

Let users edit discussions, projects
& tasks from frontend.

No need to let everyone access to
your backend/dashboard.

Progress Report

Check updates of team members across the company site.

Get real-time fill-ins on all tasks & projects with progress report.


Daily Digest

Automatic mails to all task members

Get an overview on all completed &
pending tasks for the day.

Stay ahead & informed

Reports with insights

Get automatic detailed reports for all projects. View task lists, assignees, dates & status.

Linked tasks, lists, and co-workers. Export reports to CSV. Also take prints directly from dashboard.

Several filters to narrow down reports e.g. employee-wise, projects, milestones & task status.


Activity for every project

Get live updates of all changes
happening within every project.

See updates as they happen including
the time & date of each.

Get Started with WP Project Manager PRO

WP Project Manager PRO makes it easy for ALL types of teams to perform effectively. With its intuitive automated ways it ensures timely and efficient completion of tasks & assignments.

Powerful Extensions

WP Project Manager comes with a range of supercharging extensions so your teams can perform a variety of tasks faster & efficiently. Get to do even advanced functions with these!


Time Tracker

Start, stop and pause a task in a task list.

Calculate total time spent on a task in a task list.

Keep track to show clients time spent on each to-do.

Add time log to define the duration of a task.

Kanban Board

Organize tasks in board style with drag & drops according to their status.

Plan content calendar, assign blogs, make discussions & track deadlines easily.

Create, update, and check off tasks even from your portable device.

Empower teams & clients with oversight on progress, completions & priorities.


Sub Tasks

Assign team members, set start & end dates,and attach resources.

Break your broad tasks into smaller ones with sub tasks integration.

Unlimited sub tasks for better control & organization of workflow.

Make comments and conversations under each sub task.


Display payment options & all information to clients clearly. Getting paid made easier!

Creating & sending invoices made simple with automated ways of this integration.

Bill for hourly & fixed jobs and track the status of payments directly from dashboard.

Download PDF invoices, do reporting, recurring billing, discounts & estimates.


Gantt Chart

Easily manage and track projects schedules from a single dashboard.

Find duration of each task, overlapping activities, start & end date of whole project.

See all task lists, all tasks under each list, and assignees of each task against time.

Add tasks, watch progress of each task, and increase/reduce time.

WooCommerce Order

Easily integrate WooCommerce product orders to WP Project Manager.

Predefine criteria to auto-duplicate a project when an order is received.

Automatically create a New project for a particular product when order is received.



Powerful organization & more transparency of work.

Create & interact with team members and clients in groups.

Seamlessly manage projects group-wise from the frontend.

Control privacy of departments, projects, and tasks as you like!

Stripe Gateway

Automate transactions so users can pay instantly using low cost Stripe gateway.

Perform card authorizations, automatic settlement, refunds & much more.

Users and clients can make payments without leaving your site.

Receiving payments made faster with Stripe Payment Module for WPUF!


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