weDevs Looking Ahead With New CEO Md Nizam Uddin

As a series of our insight stories, today we want to share some of our internal changes that we are taking to establish ourselves as a stronger and “here to stay” kind of WordPress brand. This is the weDevs of the future.

In 2017, weDevs faced rapid changes in the internal structure and the way how we do things. M Asif Rahman took the responsibility of the CEO and helped weDevs grow. He is an excellent entrepreneur and a prominent figure in the Bangladesh IT industry. Though he has been an advisor of weDevs for the past two years and helped direct the company from the back, on March 1st, 2017, Mr. Asif Rahman has officially taken the position of CEO at weDevs.

He retired at the age of 34 in 2018! He is now helping his own companies to grow more and weDevs wishes him best of luck with his dreams.

The Future of our Brand and Our Goals

Though we have already become a WordPress brand in the past 6 years, we want to shape it bigger and seal it. Which is why some organizational changes had become necessary. We now have a new CEO and the responsibility for the existing organizational hierarchy has been redefined. We are thinking of it as a new era of your trusted brand weDevs a serious WordPress Product Company.

While other companies split up and struggle to keep it low, we are focusing more on our growth as a company and individuals. This is a place where people can flourish their talents and consider the best place to dive into the WordPress Community.

A New Leadership – Md Nizam Uddin, CEO, weDevs.

weDevs CEO, Md Nizam Uddin

Md Nizam Uddin is the Co-Founder of weDevs. As weDevs needs a new leader, He is stepping up to take the challenge once again for being our CEO. Nizam is a WordPress business specialist and has what it takes to market any WordPress product. His interest is in – Entrepreneurship, Growth Hacking, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Business Development etc.  

From the early stage of his career, he has been looking for ways to put a profound impact on the lives on millions of people reduced to penury in Bangladesh and around the world and that will induce the posterity to become promising entrepreneurs to lead Bangladesh to a superpower. He has a keen interest in the Health Care sector and is the co-founder and former CEO of renowned Healthcare Startup Rx71 and co-founder and Managing Director of Enzaime Health. Apart from all these, he is the co-founder of Export Marketing Company Tedfo Bangladesh Limited.

Quote From Tareq Hasan, Founder, CTO.

“We are very lucky to have Nizam as our CEO at weDevs. I believe that his experienced leadership will take weDevs as a WordPress product company to international heights.”

weDevs, A Great Challenge So Far

From a blog maintained by only 2 university students, now we are a company of more than 65 people and almost 50 WordPress plugins. That's undoubtedly a good growth for a 6 years timeline. Back in 2017, we had 25 team members and only 4 flagship products. Now, we have more products to manage including some SaaS applications.

Especially, when this growth wasn't planned and came at the cost of the first-hand experience. Yes, when we started weDevs, we were total enthusiasts with no previous business experience. We worked on problems, built solutions, improved them with the users and then developed the plugin to a professional grade. This is what staked our reputation and this was the only marketing we had done.

Our product and our names were what we betted upon.

With a really small team, each of us had to multitask and assume different roles. Everybody did research, coding, doc writing, blogging, testing and etc. As the team grew, we had assigned experts who are better at each segment of production. But even up to 2016, we did not do any marketing for our products which were already bringing thousands of dollars. Something needed to be done.

Not Just Bigger, But We Built Smarter Teams

New Mid-Management Team for Better Performance

To make our teams more productive and flexible, we have created a new mid-management team consisting of the department heads. These six people manage their own departments and help in the overall management of weDevs.

Now, not only our core people have gained specialties on several fields, we have also joined experts where we needed. We now have a separate digital marketing team, a content marketing team, a design team, a testing team & each product assigned with a support engineer and two developers. So, now our ideas are executed more swiftly and issues fixed quickly. We have increased our presence in blog and social networks. We have focused on building content which can act like knowledgebase for eCommerce people.

Programmers, Marketers, Designers, Writers who ever have worked with us, it has changed their career and enabled them to unlock their true potential. Because we just do not do business here, we have an environment for leadership, learning, and self-discovery. People change from labours to self-driven experts at weDevs.

Sponsoring gave us Exposure and Confidence

We have sponsored about 20 WordCamps since 2014. We plan to sponsor at least 4-6 major WordCamps per year. As we go with our team to participate in these camps, we meet and greet with the other WP community leaders to share knowledge, learn and just have some good time.

weDevs' Upcoming Bigger & Better Office Space

Instead of making a show piece, we are trying to create an office that takes work environment to a new level. It will be spacious, there will be recreational zones, separate facilities for the female employees. We are also keeping our focus on eco-friendliness too. So, to reduce use of artificial light and electricity, about 70% on natural lights. Very soon you will start to see actual photos.

As we are becoming a bigger team each year, we need more space to accommodate them properly. So we are expanding our working space. The new office was the first step. We can easily accommodate 70+ people now.

Our Gratitude for Your Support

We are always indebted to our clients for trusting on our solutions for their million dollar businesses. Your feedback and reviews have shown us the path to develop ourselves to your expectations. Special thanks to our stakeholders and affiliates who work relentlessly to promote our brand.

Please wish us good luck and stay with us towards our journey of becoming the world famous WordPress product company we are aiming to be.

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