Here Is How We Are Managing Remote Teams at weDevs with WP ERP

If you want to become a successful business owner you must manage your team efficiently. For an in-house team, it feels way easier to manage your employees. Because you can have a closer look at their activities whenever you want.

What if you suddenly take the decision to manage your team remotely? Surely, this question will force you to ponder over for a hefty amount of time, isn't it?

Well, due to the COVID – 19 pandemic or the Coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to work from home, here at weDevs, to maintain social distance last month. With all the negative aspects of the pandemic, it has brought about a good side, that is, the chance to test our own business solution by managing our own team remotely in real-life.

Today, in this article, we will share our experience on how we are managing remote teams from home using WP ERP HR.

A Brief Introduction to the WP ERP

managing remote teams with wp erp

In a few words, the WP ERP is one of a kind WordPress tool that enables you to manage your business resources like the human resources, customer resources, and helps you to maintain bookkeeping and the accounting processes the right way.

Over 10000 businesses from across the world are using WP ERP to manage their business resources.

WP ERP has four modules including the WP ERP HR module:

Here are the aspects of WP ERP necessary to manage your business resources:

How Easy Managing Remote Teams with WP ERP HR Is

managing remote teams

We are a massive team of 70 employees here at weDevs. Yet we are managing all the employees without any hassle with the help of WP ERP HR.

No matter which remote team solution you are using, you have to deal with the following basic office problems:

  • Managing Attendance
  • Managing Leave Requests
  • Managing Assets
  • Handling Projects
  • Recruiting New Employees
  • Providing training to New Employees
  • Working with Payrolls
  • Preparing reports
  • Managing Documents

And here is how we are addressing these issues:

Managing Remote Teams' Attendance

In every office, whether in-person or embracing remote hiring, it’s necessary to supervise the attendance of your employees. Without tracking attendance, you don’t know the working hours of your employees.

We used to track our employee attendance using the WP ERP's default check-in and check-out system. When an employee checks in, the system starts counting the working time and when the employee checks out then the system automatically stops counting the working time.

managing remote teams with attendance

Restricting Attendance Only to Home IPs

Previously, we restricted the attendance system only to our office IP so that no one can misuse the power of the remote check-in-check-out system. But now we have whitelisted all employees' home internet IPs. Now, employees can check in or check out from their own homes.

Managing Leave Requests

Managing leaves is significant. If anyone of our employees has to take leave they are to go to the leave option of the WP ERP HR module. After that, the employee has to fill out this form:

managing remote teams

Then, the HR Manager approves this leave request from his dashboard.

Managing leave requests remotely

Besides these, there are hundreds of operations that need to be managed every single day.

Handling Remote Teams' Projects

If you are a business owner or the office manager, you will have to take the hassle of managing different projects altogether. Having the experience of being project managers, we can say that you will have to sleep less due to the juggling of too many projects and teammates at a time.

But with the dedicated project management module of the WP ERP HR module, it has been quite easier for us to create projects, add users, set milestones, create tasks and subtasks, track working time on a certain task and manage deadlines.

managing remote teams by handing projects

From the overview option, you can see the overall progress of your projects and the activities of the users:

managing remote teams with project dashboard

The best part is that every employee can mark their task and subtasks as “Done” from their home.


With WP ERP we can remotely see the employees' salary history, years of service, headcount, leave request and other reports very easily.

All these reports are auto-generated!

managing remote teams with reporting

As far as the project management concerned, we can get to see daily digest that shows who is doing what. Not to mention, the project management tool of WP ERP HR helps to get the overall progress through graphical representation.

managing remote teams with project reporting

Recruiting Employees Remotely

We are still publishing a job circular in this lock-down time! And guess what the job candidate doesn't have to come to our office physically to sit for the recruitment exam and face the interview one on one.

The WP ERP HR Recruitment option lets us create job circular without going to any third party job circular solution. The interesting point is that from creating job postings to recruitment questions to, the screening test to interview and candidate evaluation all these can be done with the help of the system.

Managing Remote Teams' Training

As life has come to a standstill due to the Corona Virus epidemic, our newly recruited employees can not join our office physically. So, we have decided that they will be given training from their respective homes.

With the help of the WP ERP HR Training module, we can now effortlessly create a training session for them and allow them to access these resources remotely from their home. Giving training to our newly recruited employees has become pretty easier even in this COVID – 19 lockdown situation.

Working with Payroll

Payroll works not only with the WP ERP HR but also works with the WP ERP Accounting. In fact, it integrates both the HR module and the Accounting module together.

We are managing the employee salaries with the WP ERP Payroll from all along. Though employees are staying and working sporadically in the remote areas, we can still record their salaries with WP ERP.

The individual employees can get to see the payroll and salary details from their individual profiles:

managing remote teams with payroll and salary


Many of our employees are using a broadband internet connection at their home. And everyone has to spend a certain amount on their internet service. We are keeping this record using the reimbursement extension and compensating the employees with it.

managing remote teams with reimbursement

As simple as that!

Making Announcements!

The WP ERP HR also has a built-in announcement feature that lets us show and announcement right in the hr dashboard. Besides, when we announce something the system also notifies every user by their email enabling us to save time by not going to a third-party email service system.

Managing Documents, Files & Folders

We share a lot of documents and files with the help of the WP ERP HR Document Manager. It also helps us create folders just like Google Drive does. Here is a screenshot taken from the document management system of the WP ERP:

managing remote teams with document manager

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Bonus – Beyond the WP ERP HR

Honestly, WP ERP HR and WP Project Manager modules are not the only two tools that we use to manage our team. We meet our teammates everyday morning using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Eyeson and text each other using slack (Though we discuss on our tasks in WP Project Manager).

Wrapping up on Managing Remote Teams

We deeply mourn for the departed souls on account of the COVID-19 Outbreak. We are not sure when this nightmare will end up.

Hopefully, we will get a vaccination invented soon. But before that, we have a plan to manage all our employees with the automated WP ERP HR system.

Take care of your health by maintaining safe social distance and manage your team from home without any hassle.

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