Dokan 2.9.0: What’s New In The Latest PRO Release?

Dokan has been always been about its customers. For those people who dream about owning the best multivendor marketplaces on the internet. We take that as an inspiration and continue working towards that vision. Not just our own, but also yours.

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing the latest version of Dokan Pro. Dokan Pro 2.9.0 brings with it features that will make the marketplace an even better selling platform than it already is.

So let's get right into it.

Geolocation Module

With the latest update, we are adding an all-new Geolocation Module. This module will enable the customers to search for a specific product or vendor using their(customers) desired location.

All you will need to do is to enable the Geolocation module from the Modules section and set the Google Maps API key from the backend.

dokan geolocation module

After enabling, in the settings menu, you will find the configuration options for geolocation. There are the following settings to configure

  • Location Map Position: Choose where you want your map to show up
  • Show filters before location map: Enable or disable the filtering option for the map
  • Product location tab: Toggle the product location tab in the single product page
  • Radius Search Unit: Set the radius unit as you want. Choose from Km or Mile.
  • Radius Search – Minimum Distance: Cap the minimum search distance.
  • Radius Search – Maximum Distance: Set the limit for maximum search distance.

dokan settings geolocation

Integration With Moip

The latest Dokan Pro 2.9.0 now comes with Moip integration module. This module is a big relief for users in the Brazil region where a significant number of users conduct transactions using Moip. Vendors will be able to take payments from a vast customer base, especially from the Latin American countries who depend on Moip as their preferred payment gateway.

And the configuration is really simple.

Enable the module from the module section of Dokan.

dokan modules moip enable

After enabling, navigate to WooCommerce → Settings → Dokan Moip Connect.

There enable the Dokan Moip Connect and click on it to set up your account. You can also click on manage to go to the same configuration settings.

dokan woocommerce settings dokan moip connect

After clicking on it, you will find all the necessary options to configure Moip and start taking payment using it. In the configuration option, you will find the following settings.

  • Enable Moip: Option to either enable or disable Moip payment option.
  • Title: You will be able to set the title, the customer sees during checkout.
  • Description: Set the description for Moip payment checkout option
  • Moip Fee: Set who will pay the fee for the Moip payment. Choose from either the vendor or admin.
  • Enable Test Mode: Option to enable test mode for Moip payment gateway. If you want to test before going fully.
  • Production Credentials: In this section, you will need set your Moip payment gateway credentials. You will find the necessary information. These includes
    • Production Token, key, and Public Key
  • Test Credentials: Configuration option for a test environment. Options include Test Token, Test Key, Test Public Key.

Note: Both Admins and Vendors need to have a Moip Account. Find all details in the step by step guide in Official Documentation.

No Need To Depend On Prebuilt Tags

Tags make finding your vendors products much easier and product listing more organized. This time around we made it even easier. Previously vendors would have needed to depend on admins to create tags for them. This is not the case anymore.

Vendors can now create tags on their own from the vendor dashboard.

Admins simply need to allow this core feature with a small tweak.

Enable the Vendors Can Create Tags checkbox from Dokan → Settings → Selling Options. And now let your vendor create their tags for themselves!

vendors create tags dokan store enable

After enabling, your vendors can tag to their liking.

dokan vendor add product set new tags

Learn more about creating tags and other product settings from the Vendor Product Documentation.

Bonus: Dokan FREE 2.8.6

Dokan Lite too has recently been released with a good number of changes.

If you're using Dokan PRO, by default you're also using Dokan FREE. As a consequence, you'll be needing the latest update of the lite version to keep your marketplace functioning smoothly.

Here's what you should look forward to with 2.8.6:

  • Vendors get to manage store opening and closing hours for each day of the week directly from individual Vendor Dashboard.
  • Admins can now assign recipients for Shipping and Tax Fee separately from Admin Dashboard.
  • Export Order invoices in CSV format now show billing info and shipping address.
  • Vendors can view scheduled products from the product listing page created by admins from WooCommerce Products in the admin dashboard.

Bug Fixes And Tweaks

Apart from these features, there are also many fixes and other improvements in both the Pro and Free versions that have been squashed. Multiple tweaks have also been made to make your multivendor management process much easier and effective.

Don't Wait Up

We are extremely grateful for the support you have given us over the years. Dokan has evolved to be a true force in the multivendor eCommerce space.

All the features mentioned above will be available with the new version of Dokan release. So do keep an eye on your WordPress plugin directory.

If you are new to Dokan, you can always check out the pricing for Dokan.

Learn More About Pricing

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