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Nowadays, for most business websites, it is a common feature to have a Login and Registration facility through social profiles. And the main reason that makes it a handy feature these days as it lets the user log in and register on any website without the need for them to remember the new ids and password every time.

In more common scenarios, a customer visiting your site quite often forgets, misplaces or simply doesn't care about remembering or retrieving their username and/or password. In such conditions, many users just randomly give away incomplete or false information while registering for any website. To prevent this from happening, social login and registration on your website come to the rescue. And also, now you can allow your customers to do social login and registration using WP User Frontend.

Before getting on with more details about the user benefits of Social Login, let's find out how you can activate this feature in your WP User Frontend.

Enabling Social Login API in WP User Frontend

Now enabling social login & registration is super easy with WP User Frontend. Just check out the video below to find out how it is done.

Enabling social Login and Registration GIF

This is how the social login option looks like under the WP User Frontend login option in the frontend after enabling it from the backend.

Available social login and registration in the frontend

Also for the detailed & step by step social login and configuration settings in your WP User Frontend check out our

Social Login and Registration Documentation →

How Does Social Login & Registration Add Value to Your Website?

Social Login and Registration logo

Now let's take a closer look at how this feature of social login and registration delivers value to your website and what it means to the company below.

More Personalized User Experience

In process of adding value to your site, the social login feature helps to get what the target audience wants to give it to them. Not so long ago, the marketing people used to try and understand their online customers through those long exhaustive registration forms. But it didn't take long for them to realize that their online consumers don't like filling out those detailed registration forms in order to register to their websites. As It was always leading them to fill out forms with fictitious or incomplete information. So after the introduction of the social login option to register on websites, the chance of incomplete registration is no longer an issue anymore.

The marketers now can use the correct information of the customer to target them for future offers and promotional content. This makes the user experience a much more personalized one for both the business/website owners and its customers.

Visitor Tends to Spend more Time on Your Website

From the recent stats of Facebook, it is a proven fact that the people logging in through social networks tends to spend way more time on the website than those who have to register with long exhausting registration forms. So if you want to improve the visitor stay time of your website then Single Sign-On (SSO) is a must. The facility of being able to carry the social presence of the user to the websites ensures an effective engagement.

To tell you the truth, when a person decides to log in to your website, then it is not just about interacting with the site but also having an overall idea about their social graph.

Friendly Online Engagement

Social Login doesn't just help you create an environment for a friendly user engagement. It also makes the lives of the users much easier. As the social login and registration process is an integral part of your website's social media matrix so this is indeed true. It is also the very first step to engage with the visitors through your website. You already have the upper hand as you don't really need to try too hard to engage with them as you already have the information that you have collected from their social network. So longer the user stays on their social media the more user data you have with you to use it for your benefit.

This will automatically enable you to acquire a certain level of prediction as far as the expectation of your customers is concerned. And as a result, fulfilling those expectations of your consumers becomes much easier as you already have enough idea about their needs.

User Benefits of Social Login & Registration for WP User Frontend

WPUF Social login and Registration in the frontend

The Social login and registration facility on your website has a number of significant benefits. And so the owner of the website is required to have a proper idea about all its aspects before actually implementing them. So let's explore some of the main benefits of using Social Login &  registration on your website.

○ Superior personalized experience

With the increasing number and depth of user data, the visitor can have a more personalized experience on your website.

○ Better conversion chance

Due to the registration and login ease, potential customers are more likely to spend more time and eventually buying goods and services that you are offering from your WordPress website. This will result in better conversion generating more revenues for your business.

○ Gather significant visitor data

The feature enables you to collect instant sociographic & demographic data about all the people that register through social login. This automatically improves personalization, targeting & retargeting efforts as well as segmentation for later use.

○ Less chance of considering spam messaging

When there are already a large number of user data, then the chances of considering your communications mistargeted or spam is much lesser.

○ Low chance of cart abandonment

The chances of abandonment of the cart increase when you ask the people to register with a fresh ID and billing information. Nowadays with the integration of billing information with your social login solution, the purchases became much easier as well.

○ Get popular through social logins 

If you have recently started your business, then looking at the well-known logos of Facebook, Twitter etc. on your website might provide a great sense of popularity and comfort for the visitors.

○ Less likely to have more failed logins

Fewer failed login attempts are a possibility when you don’t require to remember multiple IDs or passwords. Retrieving login info is quite frustrating for most people resulting in an incomplete registration procedure in the process for many.

Recommendation for Social Login Users

If you actually find social login and registration options to be handy for your WordPress website then here are a few guidelines for its best practice:

  • Do not just use social login just because others are using it. Try to always set a purpose for using social login and registration for your website.
  • Try to select networks that are used by your websites. Option preferences may vary by website type so therefore some will prefer to use Facebook and some will google.
  • It is essential for you to update your privacy policy in order to meet the requirements of social media.
  • Always ask only for the info that you are required. Once registered you can always ask them for more info later on.
  • Always be open about what you are going to do with the user’s information.
  • Always try to place social logic option in a noticeable and distinguished position
  • If possible always try to keep a space for email registration.    

Final Words

It is not a secret anymore that your website whether it is used for business, blogging, etc. needs to be sociable enough. And for that, having the feature of social login and registration is a big step forward. But this isn't the only reason you want to add social login and registration feature. You want it because your users and customers want it more than anything. As it would be a huge flaw of your website if you do not exploit the power of social login. Even after knowing most of your users are always connected to the social network all the time.

We tried to highlight the major benefits of having the social login and registration feature using WP User Frontend. And now you have an idea about the benefits of having social login and registration on your website. So now you can experiment with it in order to observe the visitor's response.

So if you are willing to enjoy the benefits of social login and registration for your WordPress website then


By the way, are you using any social login solution for your website? If yes, then do share your experience, feedback or leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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