Frequently Asked Questions

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  • General Queries:
  • Pre-Sale Queries:

General Queries:

Is it multisite supported?
Dokan is not compatible with WordPress multisite system but can be used on a single subdomain of your multi-site installation. Keep in mind, the Dokan plugin can be used only on 1 database. That means you can activate the plugin only on one subsite. Multiple sub sites are not supported.
Can the Admin control how much resource a specific Vendor consumes?
Which cryptocurrency payment gateway can be used with Dokan?
Which payment gateways are supported by Dokan?
What kind of commissions can be set in Dokan?
How is the fund dispersed within the Dokan PayPal Marketplace payment method?
Can the Vendor make changes to the shipping status of an Order/Product?
Can anyone "Register as a vendor" in the Marketplace?
Is there any option for the Admin to set the types of products vendors will offer in the Marketplace?
Does Dokan have support for Affiliate Products?
Is there any option for the Customers to contact the Vendor via WhatsApp?
Is it possible to create staff under any vendor to manage the store?
Why is an account created automatically when purchasing a subscription?
How many types of subscription renewals are there in Dokan?

Pre-Sale Queries:

Do I need to purchase any additional plugin/extension as a part of configuring my Multi-vendor Marketplace?
There are a total of 5 integrated modules that have third party plugins/extensions dependency for which you will need to purchase additional plugins/extensions -

Is there any additional cost involved in using the Live Chat module?
Can I purchase the modules separately?
Do I need to purchase the Dokan Booking / Dokan Simple Auction modules individually?
Does the Dokan plugin support Multicurrency?
Unable to change subscription status “on hold”
Is it possible to upgrade from the Yearly package to the Lifetime package?
Is it possible to upgrade the Yearly Starter package to other Premium packages?
Do you have a monthly subscription for the Dokan plugin?
Do you have a Lifetime subscription?
What is 1 Hour of Theme Compatibility? What is 1 Hour of Basic Installation?
Will I get Phone/Video Call support?
Is there any way to use domain/subdomain as the Store URL?
Does the pricing include TAX?
Can I use multiple Discount coupons in a single purchase?
Are the coupons usable only once or it will be auto-applied at the time of renewal?
Does Dokan have a SAAS platform?
What will happen If I don’t renew my license?
How can I cancel my subscription?