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Why Dokan is the
#1 Marketplace Solution

There should be reasoning behind everything. Just like why you should opt-in for Dokan

Best frontend experience

Vendors get full capability right from the frontend dashboard.

Easiest Configuration option

Even a non experienced person can build and customize easily.

Best in class customer support

You can be sure that you are in the hand of capable support engineers.

Compatible with any WooCommerce Themes

Dokan works with any theme that supports WooCommerce. You will also get a free theme to get started!

Your Success is Our Inspiration

That’s why we are proud to present you with

Dominique Deutzmann is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from Germany and the owner of CommunityCorals, a marketplace for coral aquarists and farmers.
Read his story

Dominique DeutzmannOwner of CommunityCorals

Melissa McGovern, a founding partner of Hawk and Peddle, one of the fastest growing multi vendor marketplaces in United Kingdom.
Read her story

Melissa McGovern Co-founder, Hawk & Peddle

Simon Lewis and Rozz Lewis are teachers and entrepreneurs who created Mash.ie, an online resource center for teachers to assist in their teaching process.
Read their story

Simon Lewis Teacher & Entrepreneur

How Dokan Multi-vendor Works

You can easily get started with Dokan simply by following the below steps

Download and install Dokan

Configure Marketplace To Your Liking

Welcome Vendors To Sell

Start Earning From Commissions

Frontend Dashboard Experience for Vendors

Vendors get rich sales-earning reports, analytics and statement which helps them their on-going business and improve it.

Dokan Overview

Below are a few out of many on why dokan is the best choice for you

Hundreds of Payment Gateways

No matter what type of payment network your customers prefer you can be sure that your marketplace will support it.

Based On WooCommerce, Powered by WordPress

Powered by WordPress makes sure that it is extremely intuitive to use even for the first time users.

Multilingual Ready

Every economy is becoming global day by day. With Dokan you won't have any problem making your site multilingual ready and universal.